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San Sebastian (Donostia)

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Avenida de Ategorrieta, 61
San Sebastian
Country: Spain

San Sebastian is a city we have fallen in love with. It is easy to love a city with so much good food supplemented by interesting architecture, wonderful beaches and friendly people. It is also a perfect base for exploring the Spanish coast and south west France.
But we go there for the food. San Sebastian (or Donostia in the local language) is not a large city but it has managed to accrue more Michelin stars per head of population than any other city on the planet! But it isn't just the Michelin-rated restaurants that are good. Eat anywhere and you will find exciting foods ranging from the ever-present pintxos in the historic quarter (Parte Vieja) to the freshest fish in the seafood markets to the jamon Iberica ham in the delicatessens and not forgetting the amazing array of Spanish wines that are everywhere in the city.
Villa Soro is slightly removed from the very centre of the action, but is only a short and pleasant stroll to the best food shops and tapas bars.
It sits in a large pleasant garden in a residential area a stone's throw from the famed Arzak restaurant.
The ground floor provides spacious sitting rooms and a breakfast room for guests and the upper floors contain the spacious bedrooms with their marble bedecked bathrooms. The rooms have the latest technology available with good TV sets and internet access. We can unreservedly recommend this fine establishment as you base for exploring the food and scenery of this wonderful region.
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