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Osteria del Velodromo Vecchio Heart
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Open: Lunch & dinner Mon Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +39 06 788 6793
Address: via Genzano, 139
Rome, 00179
Country: Italy
Food Style: Italian

Osteria del Velodromo Vecchio is worth the taxi or train ride required to reach the suburban location. It is quite close to a train station so that is probably the easiest way to get there.
The food here is honest, reliable, soulful, authentic and cooked with care. The service is similarly caring and attentive. There is also a short but very good wine list.
We started our meal with an antipasto platter which turned out to be a number of separate plates placed on the table in rapid succession containing slices of eggplant, a lovely salad of white beans and mussels, some marinated white fish and a plate of perfect lonza (cured pork neck).
This was followed by an absolutely mind-blowing plate of spinach and ricotta ravioli with a simple tomato sauce. The skill involved in achieving the texture and flavour of the dish is considerable. A similar comment could be made about the other pasta dish of tonnarelli (pasta that is like spaghetti but is square in cross-section) with mussels and artichokes. The chef clearly has a great affinity for pasta dishes.
From the wine list we chose a wine produced by the Masciarelli family. It was their 2001 Montepulciano d'Abbruzo Marina Cvetic. This was a dense, luscious red with fine tannins and a long finish. We thought that it was an excellent wine that would also age quite well. It also teamed beautifully with a goat stew that was a special of the day.
The meal finished with a very satisfying ricotta and chocolate tart.
This is a very good little osteria that concentrates on producing authentic dishes that are not compromised to meet the expectations of tourists. We want to return here on our next visit to Rome.
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