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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +39 051 236 730
Address: via Augusto Righi, 30
Bologna, 40126
Country: Italy
Food Style: Italian

Bologna is an important food city, in fact it is jokingly referred to a Bologna the Fat due to the food riches that surround this town.
But Bologna has more to offer the tourist than simply good food. It is a university town with a vibrant student culture. They inhabit the many cafes, restaurants and wine bars discussing weighty academic issues with a charming intensity. It is also an architecturally significant town, not just because of the quaint leaning towers (yes, Bolgna has two) but also because of the network of impressive colonnades which adorn the centre of the city.
Trattoria del Rosso is one of our favourite food venues in this city that is well-endowed with good places to eat. You might have to put your name down on a waiting list but that is no problem as almost next door is the funky Swinebar where you can sit in covered comfort and enjoy one of the wines that are chalked daily on the blackboard.
Once your table is ready you can order a plate of beautiful salumi and the best crescentines we have ever tasted (Crescentine con salumi artigianali Pasquini e squaquerone). These pillows of fried dough were light, airy and the perfect foil for the fatty yet delicious salami and mortadella they serve here. The other foil we used was a bottle of the gutsy Poderi dal Nespoli 100% Sangiovese with its distinctive label that is available. While this is a big wine, at 13% alcohol it is quite food friendly.
Tortellini in brodo was a fine example of this dish as were a rich, unctuous pork sausage with a tomato and onion compote and a rich dish of tripe stewed in a tomato sauce.
We can thoroughly recommend Trattoria del Rosso as a pleasant place to find some really good local food.
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