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Chocolate by Mort Rosenblum
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Rosenblum's survey of chocolate begins with a chapter entitled The Gods' Breakfast where he details the history of our quest to extract flavour from this bitter bean. He describes the different types of bean such as the rare and delicate criollo and the robust forastero and the widespread trinitario along with the less well known nacional from Ecuador. In this opening chapter he also goes on to explain, in depth, how chocolate is made.
Subsequent chapters are each themed to take the reader to places of interest in the world of chocolate, whether it is exploring the problems of growing trees in the equatorial regions of Africa or the difficulty of penetrating the inner sanctum of the Valrhona empire or stories about some of the larger than life characters who are the master chocolatiers of France. The story about the emergence of the Amedei brand in Italy is particularly interesting.
This book is an easy read and is packed with useful and well-researched information.
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