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La Cuisine de Joel Robuchon by Joel Robuchon

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

This book by master chef Joël Robuchon is arranged by season and then by ingredient. Thus spring sees him discussing recipes for asparagus, artichokes, morels, carrots, apricots and broad beans along with many more. The approach is uniform throughout the book where for each ingredient he provides an insight into the product itself along with hints for dealing with it. He then provides a single recipe for the ingredient that includes very detailed instructions. In the spring section we particularly like his method for cooking carrots with cumin.
In winter, we like his Harvesters' Potatoes which are cooked with gruyere and salted pork belly. In summer try his ratatouille and in winter his wonderful recipe for freshly shucked oysters in a fennel and curry sauce.
There is a lot to learn from this book so it is well worth adding to your collection.
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