Tamarind Tree | Vietnamese Restaurant | Seattle | Washington

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Tamarind Tree
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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 206 860 1404
Address: 1036 South Jackson St
Seattle, Washington
Country: United Kingdom
Food Style: Vietnamese

Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf provide good examples of what is happening on the food scene in Seattle. When we first started visiting about 12 years ago, the Asian food scene was fairly dismal. Most of it in no way represented the flavours you would find when travelling through Asia.
But now this has changed and these restaurants are serving authentic dishes with authentic flavours to people who have been craving the 'real deal'.
A salad of green mango with batons of lovely jicima and steamed shrimps was served with a side dish of salty fish sauce which added the perfect amount of seasoning to the dish. This was a great dish. Then we ordered a dish of beef special pho. A bowl appeared within minutes with lovely rice noodles, beef tendons, meatball, rare beef and well-done brisket as well as the usual accompanying herbs and bean shoots. This was also a very good dish and makes us want to return to Seattle.

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