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Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 4 90 14 67 19
Address: 51, rue du Limas
Avignon, Provence
Country: France

During an unanticipated stay in Avignon we stumbled across Le Limas in a quiet street just off the lively Place Crillon. The house, like its conjoined neighbours, is part of a row of grand houses built in the eighteenth century. The moment we entered the welcoming blue door we were entranced by this perfect venue.
You are invited to share the house of the charming Marion Wagner, staying in one of four perfectly appointed rooms. Each has a bed adorned with good quality linen, a bathroom with the latest appointments, and comfortable chairs or couches for relaxing in.
Marion's keen eye sees ultra-modern light shades, couches and bathroom fittings blend effortlessly with well-chosen older furnishings.
Another special feature of the accommodation, should you visit in warmer months, is the charming rooftop terrace where you can enjoy an evening drink or a leisurely breakfast overlooking the stunning Palais-des-Papes which dominates the city.
And if all that is not enough, then there is breakfast! Every morning Marion prepares a gourmet feast, which is part of the tariff. It begins with a bowl of freshly-prepared fresh fruits and a special hot dish of Marion's invention; a custard baked with fresh fruits. She calls a "fruit flan" and its sweet caramelising baking smell wafting up the beautiful stairwell is usually your first hint that it's time to get up. She also serves delicious pastries and baguettes, which she picks up each morning from Boulangerie Grandguillaume just along the street. Its young owner was formerly a pâtissier at the nearby deluxe l'Hôtel d'Europe, and he makes some of Avignon's best pain au chocolat and croissants.
As well as its comfortable bedrooms, the house has a downstairs living area which guests are able to enjoy, where there is also a television and an enviable collection of music and books.
We can unreservedly recommend this charming venue to everyone and that's saying something because the fact you have to pay cash (no frequent flyer points!) and that the rooms have no phones and so no internet access would normally mean it wouldn't even be on our radar screen. Such are the charms of Marion and her beautiful house that those downsides just didn't matter.
Securing parking is available in the nearby Palais-des-Papes car park, which is well sign posted as you enter Avignon.
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