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Desserts by Pierre Hermé by Dorrie Greenspan and Pierre Hermé

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Pierre Hermé's jewel-box shop is on the Left Bank in Paris. Every piece of patisserie is a work of art, glistening and inviting you in to the store, to spend like there is no tomorrow!
This book helps you understand why he is a master of his craft and why he has taken over the mantle formerly held by Lenôtre and others.
The book is a treasure-trove of techniques (some even involving a hair-dryer) and approaches that ensure that you will achieve good results in this very tricking area of cooking.
There are four key sections. About 40 pages is devoted to basic techniques such as making a genoise. The next seventy pages are devoted to fruits, creams and cookies. The next fifty address techniques for tarts and tartlets and the final section of one hundred pages provides techniques and recipes for cakes.
A great book that deserves to be in every food lover's library
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