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Open: Lunch Tue - Fri
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 206 621 8772
Address: 309 Third Ave (near Washington St)
Seattle, Washington
Country: United States
Food Style: Italian

Salumi in Seattle is a true gem. It is hard to find. It is hard to get in on busy lunch hours. There aren't many seats. But it is worth all the hassle to sample the delicious cured meats and sandwiches that are on offer here.
We have been trying to get here ever since it opened, however lunch time during the working week usually sees us on the other side of the lake in a non-descript building working for a living!
This year, however, we were lucky when our arrival in Seattle was early in the morning and we had the rest of the day free to recover from the long flight.
We were therefore the first in line at Salumi that morning and the first to sit at the communal table. A plate of salumi and some very good bread soon arrived. It was wonderful.
On planning our visit we were also hoping to sample lardo - that wonderful cured back fat with the creamy texture that Italians so revere! However on inquiring at the counter, the staff informed us that it was unavailable.
But Armandino (he no longer owns it but it is in his daughter's capable hands) soon appeared and enquired how we were enjoying the meats. When we mentioned the lardo he immediately disappeared and soon produced some from his own supply. It was creamy, it was packed with flavour, it was sensational!
We would love to have a Salumi in our home town. It is unpretentious, the meat is prepared with the utmost professionalism and the staff appeared to us to be very friendly and very caring about what they were trying to achieve.
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