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Xuyou Teahouse
Food store

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +86 21 6229 0198
Address: 129 Xianxia Road, Hongqiao
Country: China

The store displays its fine teas in small white bowls behind the glass of the main counter. Here you can peruse everything from the finest Mei Wu Long Jin, fine Anhui oolongs, lovely Bai mu dan (slivery needles of white tea) through to earthy aged pu-erh teas.
The cabinets down the side of the store display tea paraphernalia such as teapots, cups, glasses and other essential items for enhancing the enjoyment of China's finest.
There a a number of outlets for this tea organisation. There are also convenient shops at:
Address: 605 Huaihaizhong Road
Phone: +86 21 5306 2258
There is also an outlet at the Pudong International Airport and one at the amazing Urban Planning Museum (don't miss it if you visit Shanghai) in People's Square.
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