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Guyi Hunan Restaurant
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Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +86 21 6249 5628
Address: 1E, Jufu Building, 87 Fumin Road
Country: China
Food Style: Chinese (Hunan)

We probably waited fifteen minutes for our table at the Guyi Hunan Restaurant, however the system is orderly and there is no queue jumping.
We were shown to our table and two small square plates of condiments were placed in front of us - one was a fiery vegetable and one was a plate of the ever-present peanuts.
Shredded jellyfish in a sour sauce turned out not to have a sauce at all, rather the jellyfish had been marinated in vinegar to provide an undertone of sourness to offset the blandness of the main player.
An interesting dish was a fairly plain dish of large cubes of pumpkin which had been simmered until tender and then topped with lily buds.
A dish of cold, smoked goose was lovely, however the dish of the night was stewed shredded pork Hunan style served with sliced peppers and Chinese greens. The flavour was deep and satisfying ending off a very good meal.
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