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Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Ever since it was released in 1977 this cookbook has been receiving justifiable accolades.
It gained attention both for its quirky presentation (including drawings by the author) and for the relative simplicity of the recipes.
In fact almost an entire generation of people who were seeking a healthier style of food sought comfort in this book.
Take, for example, the innovative recipe for cauliflower and cheese pie cooked in a grated potato pie crust. Here, instead of making a classic pastry with flour, the recipe calls for two cups of grated potato and quarter of a cup of grated onion moistened with 1 egg white and seasoned with a little salt. This is used to line a pie tin by pushing the mixture out across the bottom of the tin and then up the sides. This is baked in a hot oven for half an hour then a further ten minutes after brushing it with a little oil.
A cauliflower is then broken into small pieces and cooked in a skillet along with onion, garlic and herbs. It is then mixed with eggs and milk to bind it to form the filling for the pie base. Cheese is placed on the bottom of the pie and then the mixture and then more cheese. This is baked for 40 minutes. This is a simple, yet delicious recipe that does not use exotic ingredients or difficult techniques.
This is the only pure vegetarian book in the Food Lover's Cookbook Collection but it thoroughly deserves inclusion.
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