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Time Life 'The Good Cook' Series with Richard Olney (editor)

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

The Good Cook series from Time Life is one of our favourite cookbook references that we turn to for the clarity of the explanations and the depth of the recipes throughout the books in the series.
There is little doubt that any observer of the cookbook scene would nominate this tour-de-force in their pantheon of greats.
Even though the recipe listing is a compendium of already published material, it is the intelligent selection of recipes and the large section at the front of each book showing the techniques required to achieve the desired results that is so appealing. It also does not take shortcuts. If you need to bone a duck as the starting point for a recipe then that is what you are shown how to do!
The editor for the series was the incredibly talented Richard Olney, one of our favourite food writers.
Published in 1979 with Richard Olney as the chief consultant but he was supported by a veritable who's who of the food world at the time. Names such as Jane Grigson, Alan Davidson, Michel Lemonier and Jeremiah Tower.
They also had a policy of only using recipes that had been previously published. The story goes that Olney and others therefore set up the Petits, Propos Culinaires magazine to publish recipes that they wanted to include in the series but had never been published!
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