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Wild Ginger
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Open: Lunch Mon - Sat, dinner Mon - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 206 623 4450
Address: 1401 3rd Ave
Seattle, Washington
Country: United States
Food Style: Asian-style

Since Wild Ginger has moved to its new location in 3rd Avenue we have noticed a slow improvement in the quality of the food at this sprawling, bustling restaurant.
The offerings in the Satay Bar are always lovely and the presentation is excellent. Skewers are served on rectangular plates with a cube of sticky rice and a dipping sauce. We tried the Singing Fish, the sea scallops and the chicken offerings on two occasions.
From the rest of the menu, a crab salad was lovely and sang of the freshness of Asia. The curry squid was very mild.
However, don't go here if you are looking for deeply authentic flavours of Asia. The flavours are muted to appeal to American palates. You won't find the deeply complex flavours of Thailand in the dishes marked as Thai. Similarly the curries have been designed to comfort rather than confront.
Nevertheless you will be served lovely food by highly professional staff and you can accompany your food by some truly excellent wines such as the Hugel gewurztraminer or the appealing Willakenzie Pinot.
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