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Clos Ste Magdeleine Cassis

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Provence
Country: France

Sometimes you recommend a wine from the heart. Clos Ste Magdeleine is such a wine. However, this does not mean that this Cassis beauty is not a good wine. It is a fine example of a wine that precisely matches the terroir.
The vineyard is reached within minutes from the centre of the Mediterranean port of Cassis. It crouches below dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea. The vines are bathed in Mediterranean sunlight and washed with the sea spray.
It is the perfect wine to accompany many of the seafood dishes that are available in this area.
We well remember sipping a Clos Ste Magdeleine while enjoying a beautiful bourride overlooking the harbour in Cassis at Nino.
We have also enjoyed this wine at the great Seattle restaurant Campagne which pays homage to southern France in its wine selections and we have bought a bottle to accompany seafood we bought in markets in Paris at La Derniere Goutte, the quirky wine shop on the Left Bank that we always try to visit when we are in Paris.
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