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Open: From 6pm Mon - Sat from April to September and from 4:30pm on Tue, Wed & Sat in winter

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Velleron, Provence, 84000
Country: France

Food markets are an obsession of ours. We like nothing better than to wander through these markets enjoying the sights and sounds and aromas that sometimes softly, sometimes aggressively, greet the visitor.
Whether it be the wet markets of Singapore, the farmers market at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, Dalat Aw Taw Kaw in Bangkok or the Modiano Market in Thessaloniki, we will be happy spending our time absorbing the culture, the food and the extraordinary insight markets provide into the lives of the local people.
Velleron, however, is a special place for us. It is not 'cute', it is not trendy, it is not in a gorgeous location. As the day draws to a close, an army of vehicles descends on a flat, open space on the edge of the town then quickly and without fuss transform this space into a bustling scene with bread, vegetables, cheeses, wine, meats and a variety of other produce on display. Everything has been picked, plucked or packaged that day. Everything is impossibly fresh and beautifully presented.
We have often bought the most amazingly tidy bunches of tiny green beans here. We have bought mushrooms picked that morning in the mountains of the nearby Ardeche. We have carried away the freshest of cheeses. We have bought plump chicken to go with freshly-dug potatoes.
And it isn't a tourist trap. In fact you will see very few cameras here as the vast majority of people are from the local area - this is their version of a local supermarket.
How lucky they are!
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