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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9663 7660
Address: 252 Swanston St
Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia
Food Style: Thai

Cookie has become a 'must visit' venue since it got serious about its food. It has always been a popular drinking venue for the young students from the nearby University, However it is now attracting people who are curious about the Thai-influenced food that is coming from the kitchen.
There is a large bar area and the staff members are kept on their toes creating a bewildering array of cocktails that seem so fashionable at present. However, for the over twenty-fives there is also a very smart wine list with good choices from around Australia and some very interesting European offerings. For example, we tried a Paul Blanck Pinot Gris from Alsace which was available by the glass. We were also tempted by some of the dazzling array of beers available including the trendy Ichnusa from Sardinia and Baladin from Piedmont.
To accompany our drinks we ordered the Betel Bliss Bombs which saw a plate of various chopped and diced morsels (peanuts, chilli, coconut, dried prawns, lime, onion, bamboo shoots etc) which you place on large betel leaves, wrap up and enjoy. These were delicious and a nice start to a meal. We also enjoyed some fragile tapioca dumplings and some tangy Thai sausages.
On the next occasion we visited we decided to take a table in the restaurant and settle in for a full meal. Once again we were staggered by the selection of wines and beers available here. We were delighted to see that a favourite white - the Roero Arneis 'Pradalupo' from the Fontanafredda estate near Alba in Piedmont was available by the glass. This was a perfect start to the evening. It also went very well with some amazing mussel cakes with green papaya salad that had been cooked in the style of the oyster omelette we are used to at Sailor's Thai Canteen in Sydney. We can never resist the Thai sausages so we ordered them again and enjoyed them just as much. We also enjoyed the idiosyncratic, highly decorative crockery that was provided. We went of to thoroughly enjoy steamed fish and coconut custard served in the hor mok style and a wonderful pork hock curry served in the northern style.
We also enjoyed the Clapes Cotes du Rhone 2002 that we ordered to have with these latter dishes. We were worried that the heat of the curry might damage the wonderful wine but it stood its ground firmly against the chilli onslaught.
Cookie is a great venue which is well-worth a visit.
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