Japanese Restaurant in Noosa Sound, Australia: Wasabi

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Open: Lunch Fri & Sun, dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 7 5449 2443
Address: 2 Quamby Place
Noosa Sound, Queensland
Country: Australia
Food Style: Japanese

Wasabi has now moved from Sunshine Beach to Noosa Sound to the delightful building in Quamby Place that has been home to a couple of good restaurants before. But the food and service have not missed a beat. It is still the old Wasabi in a new guise.
We usually start with a bowl of edamame - the soy beans in their pods served with salt. They are a great way to start the meal.
The Gyozo are particularly good and come steamed and then pan fried. One night we had a special treat of pearl meat served nigiri style which we thoroughly enjoyed.
If any of the dishes have the local Kennelworth bamboo shoots in them, then take advantage of the freshness of this product as we have found it to be particularly good.
Make sure that you save enough space for their wonderful ice creams at the end of the meal - especially the black sesame and the green tea versions.

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