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Traditional Recipes of the Provinces of France by Curnonsky

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Curnonsky was a larger-than-life figure both literally and figuratively. He was a celebrated fictional author, a bon-vivant, a raconteur and a gourmand.
In 1927 he was awarded the honour of Prince of Gastronomes following a public vote organised by the newspaper Paris-Soir.
He was concerned about the internationalisation of food brought about by hotel chains at the start of the twentieth century therefore collected and published a broad range of traditional French provincial recipes to ensure that they were preserved and promoted.
He also worked on or founded a number of influential publications such as Le Magazine de la Gastronomie Francaise and La France Gastronomique which was released every two months and dealt with regional cookery and tourism in a different region of France.
Towards the end of his long life (1872 - 1956) he became so obese he was scarcely able to move.
His major legacy, however, was the publication Traditional Recipes of the Provinces of France in which some 300 recipes are arranged by region throughout almost 500 pages of text.
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