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Victoria City Seafood Restaurant HeartHeart
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Hong Kong
Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Expensive

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 852 2827 9938
Address: 2nd Floor, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
Country: Hong Kong
Food Style: Chinese seafood

A great seafood restaurant that shows why Hong Kong has such a great reputation for seafood. Forget the floating restaurants, go here instead to experience what the city is really capable of.
The restaurant is large but it is advisable to book because people tend to take a long time over dinner here.
We started our meal with whitebait with a wonderfully pungent chilli sauce. Our palettes were certainly awake and ready for the meal ahead!
We didn't want to eat only seafood. Deep fried crispy bean curd had excellent texture. They were a good foil to the cold salted duck served with a rich plum sauce.
We thought that if we were ever going to experience fresh prawns it would be here. The prawns were simply, yet perfectly, steamed and served with a tangy vinegar sauce. But the dish of the night was not what we had predicted. A dish of deep-fried milk fish dipped in salt and vinegar was simply stunning. It could not have been cooked more perfectly. The crispy outside was complimented perfectly by the succulent white flesh. We accompanied this with hot peppers cooked in oyster sauce and garlic.
We didn't want the meal to finish so we moved on to a whole garouper with ginger and spring onion. Once again perfectly cooked.
However, by the time we had devoured a picturesque dish of whole crab served on a large platter with a rice wine sauce the four of us felt that it would not be possible to eat another thing!
The service was efficient and helpful and the Corton Charlemagne was a great accompaniment to the seafood.
We recently decided that our memories of this restaurant were so good that we should revisit. This time it was just as good as before, confirming our opinion that this is a world leader in the seafood restaurant stakes.
Review: Updated December 2006
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