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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9280 0928
Address: Cnr Campbell Street and Elizabeth Street
Sydney, New South Wales, 2010
Country: Australia
Food Style: Thai

Spice I Am occupies the ground floor of a downmarket hotel in an average section of Wentworth Street just near the corner of Elizabeth Street.
However, this is just the sort of restaurant that we love to find. And it is just the type of restaurant that we will want to eat at every time we visit Sydney!
You will see the restaurant as you walk towards it because there are three outside tables with brightly-coloured plastic stools. Inside there are another dozen or so tables of generous proportions and an open kitchen where the activity is always frenetic.
You will be greeted with a warm smile, and, no matter how busy it gets you will receive courteous friendly service.
The food is as authentic as we have found outside Thailand ranking alongside the Sailor's Thai canteen for quality. It is perfectly balanced. The sweet, sour and salty flavours blend into an harmonious whole - no one flavour dominates.
You can order any of the dishes with confidence here but we do have some favourites! The Nam Khao Tod is a salad of crispy rice tossed with tiny peanuts, basil, chilli and pieces of tangy, fermented Isaan sausage. This is almost a perfect dish with the crunch of the rice blending with the sour softness of the sausage.
Another dish we love here is the Hoy Tod which is like a crispy omelette formed with fried mussels, bean sprouts and Asian herbs along with some nice pieces of red chilli. It is reminiscent of the famous oyster omelette that we always enjoy at the Canteen. If you are a fan of pork belly then it doesn't get any better than the sir-fried Moo Pa which is served with a curry sauce with a variety of little eggplants. If none of these dishes appeal to you, then there are dozens of others for you to choose from.
One hint is to look for the dishes with [S] after them as these are their signature dishes.
We are very, very happy to recommend Spice I Am!
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