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Le Verre Vole
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Open: Lunch and dinner daily

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 48 03 17 34
Address: 67 rue de Lancry
Paris, 75010
Country: France

Le Verre Vole is a funky little restaurant and wine shop just a stone's throw from the Canal St Martin in the 10th arrondissement in Paris. The extensive natural wine choices are clever and the food from the newly installed kitchen is very good.
This is a haven for natural wine lovers. Here you can find by-the-glass offerings such as the Croze Hermitage from Dard and Ribo, the delicious Chitry from Alice and Olivier de Moor, the Romorantin Cour Cheverny from Domaine du Moulin, the dangerously delicious Mauvais Temps from Nicolas Carmarans and the Savoie wines of Domaine Dupasquier and the Jura offerings of Philippe Bornard among many more. Of course, if you want to settle into a full bottle of something interesting you could do no better than the funky Reau Bonhomme de Chenin from the Loire, the Jean Foillard Morgon Cote du Py or the complex and interesting Soula VIII from Domaine Casot des Mailloles from Banyuls.
They also have a wine cellar at 38 rue Oberkampf.
Métro : Louis Blanc Gare de l'Est

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