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Pilu at Freshwater Heart
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Open: Lunch Wed - Sun, dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9938 3331
Address: Moore Road
Harbord, New South Wales, 2096
Country: Australia
Food Style: Sardinian

Pilu at Freshwater is an excellent restaurant on Sydney's northern beaches. It occupies a very pleasant location where snappy service and interesting Sardinian food combine to make Pilu at Freshwater a must-visit restaurant.
The meal started out very well with a salad of sliced bottarga, baby fennel, celery heart and cannellini beans. The crispness of the fennel and the celery and the neutrality of the beans worked beautifully with the assertive saltiness of the bottarga. We also tried the amazing Zuppa Gallurese. This is a 'soup' made from baking bread in a lamb broth. The bread takes up the broth and you are left with a bowl of - bread!! But the bread is light and flavourful and saturated with the broth. It is a wonderfully different experience.
We also enjoyed some delightful food and wine including the famous roast suckling pig and a wonderful dish of pasta with clams and bottarga. Well worth a visit!
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