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Wan Hao
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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 656 831 4615
Address: 320 Orchard Road (Marriot Hotel, 3rd Floor)
Singapore, 238865
Country: Singapore
Food Style: Chinese

When we first tasted the food at Wan Hao in Singapore we were delighted. This was as good as some of the best Chinese restaurants that we had tried in Melbourne, Vancouver and Hong Kong! Situated in the Marriot Hotel in Orchard Road, the décor is slick and stylish and lacking all the over-the-top glitter of many other major Chinese restaurants. Lovely wall plaques with Chinese calligraphy dominate the walls and flower arrangements in square boxes attract the eye. Black lacquered chopsticks with silver tips provide the right tone for the dining experience. As you sink onto the high-backed, upholstered chairs you begin to feel very, very comfortable.
A starter of pigs trotters, pork slices and jellyfish was stunning and provided the perfect start to the meal.
We followed this with Peking Duck. This is a dish that really defines how good a restaurant is. If you are in an excellent restaurant they will serve you just the lovely, crisp skin of the duck to wrap in the pancakes. Unfortunately, in Western society we demand the breast meat as well. This provides too much fat for the delicate pancakes. What we like to do is savour the skin in the pancakes and the ask for the meat to be combined with the classic hand-pulled noodles in a dish to follow. If we are really brave we will ask for the left-overs to be turned into a soup to finish the meal!
Now that our homily is over we can report that the duck was served with the skin only and was delicate and as perfect as Peking Duck gets. It was one of the best examples of the dish that we have tried in a number of cities over the past two years! So were the noodles and duck - some of the best we have tried!
So, although this is an anonymous hotel in a tourist precinct, we can thoroughly recommend this restaurant for its authentic and enjoyable dishes.
We revisited the Wan Hao in April 2000 just to make sure that the Peking Duck was still as good as before. It certainly was! Both the duck skin and the pancakes were perfect and our meal as memorable as the first time. We also tried a new dish on the menu. Eel had been coated in honey and herbs then deep fried. The crisp texture of the outside helped to offset the fattiness of the eel and the accompanying deep-fried pearl leaves in the style of mermaids tresses were visually attractive.
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