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Tuck Sang Herbal Food
Restaurants and bars
Kuala Lumpur
Open: Lunch and early dinner Mon - Sat
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 03 263 6737
Address: 3rd Floor, City Square Complex, Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50400
Country: Malaysia
Food Style: Chinese herbal

Tuck Sang Herbal Food in Kuala Lumpur is a restaurant that takes some getting used to! The flavours in the dishes are strong and even piercing. Two years on from the first dish we tried here we can still clearly remember the flavours.
You can select a soup here that will tackle most of the Western ailments. Whether you have a kidney problem, a lung problem, a skin problem or are an insomniac you will find a soup here to address your problem.
We tried the Wild Ginseng and Cordycep soup because it claimed to revitalise our energy. After a two week stint of long hours slaving over a computer on the 44th floor of a nearby highrise office block we thought that this would be perfect!
Although not cheap at 68 Ringets the soup was strong, pungent, flavoursome and a perfect dish to ensure that we were sustained for the travails ahead.
We can strongly recommend this restaurant if you have the courage to tackle the unfamiliar and to put your faith in the traditions of this fabulous country rather than relying on doctors back home!
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