Natural wines (Last updated: 13th August 2018)

Natural wines are one of the hottest items in the field of food and wine - displacing molecular gastronomy, foraging and super-chefs from the front pages.

Natural wines are wines where the vineyards have been treated with respect using organic or biodynamic practices. But this is not enough. In this modern era there are just so many chemicals introduced during the winemaking process as well.

Natural wines are created without the use of commercial yeasts which stamp their deadening flavour on all wines in which they are used. No enzymes are added, or sugars or colours or oak chips or anything else that is used to artificially bolster the flavour of wine. Also technology is eschewed. Micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis and other new processes for 'adjusting' wine are not used for natural wines.

All this would be for nought if the resultant wines did not taste delicious. But they do! Converts to natural wines find it very hard to return to commercial-yeast-stamped wines. They relish the freshness of the wines and yearn for the excitement of opening a new bottle to discover the difference - not the predictability - of the new experience.

At we have long been lovers of natural wines following an epiphany with a Raveneau Chablis in Paris in 1998. Our hard-core conversion from that has been gradual however, then reaching a crescendo in the last five years as we have discovered more and more delightful treasures that fit this description.

And we have also been lucky enough to have a winemaker of immense talent in our home state of Tasmania who has decided to buck the trend and produce natural wines on his tiny estate in the far southern regions of this magic isle. The d'Meure wines show the way for others who might like to let the earth and the vines and the fruit speak for themselves.

So, our search for natural wines has resulted in us finding many restaurants that serve these wines, wine stores that specialise in them, wine bars (mainly in Paris and New York) that proudly promote them and importers and distributors where you can find them.

Articles on the natural wine movement

We have written an article explaining what natural wines are and some places where you can find them. You can access this article from the link below.

Article: The Natural Wine Movement

We have also been contemplating the role that oxygen and the level of oxidative treatment that occurs in some wines plays in our enjoyment of wine. Our reflections are published here:

Just add oxygen!

Restaurants and bars serving natural wines

More and more, we’re only interested in eating and drinking in places that serve natural wines. But that’s not enough – the food has to be good too. These restaurants and bars have at least some very good natural wines on their wine list and serve very good food in the style they champion. They are in no particular order.

There are some obvious ones missing from the list - we simply haven't had a chance to visit them yet. As soon as we visit others we will add them to the list, so this is a living document that will change as we discover other delights in different corners of the globe, just as we discovered the tiny but fantastic La Cabane a Vin in Hong Kong, La Tour Cassee in the Ardeche and Bar Brosé in Sydney.

Note that two stellar restaurants serving only natural wines have recently closed, namely Garagistes in Hobart and Bones in Paris. Luckily, Franklin in Hobart has taken on the mantle of Garagistes and many new restaurant have opened recently in Paris to plug the gap filled by the departure of Bones such as Le Servan, Clamato, Ellsworth, Clown Bar and La Bourse et La Vie (Daniel Rose's new venture).

Septime - Paris

Septime is one of our favourite restaurants in the world! The food here is exceptional, the surroundings comfortable and the service caring and intelligent. In addition they also have an excellent selection of natural wines that complement the food perfectly.

Read a full review here: Septime - Paris

Saturne - Paris

Saturne has become one of our favourite restaurants in Paris due to Sven Chartier's wonderful food and Ewan Lemoigne's great selection of edgy, natural wines.

Read a full review here: Saturne - Paris

Clown Bar - Paris

The Clown Bar is both a bar a vins and a restaurant with a tiny kitchen in the 11th arrondissement in Paris which is under the watchful eye of the team from Saturne. The food is good and the wine list interesting. It is a great place to hang out on a fine day at one of the outside tables.

Le Comptoir - Paris

Le Comptoir is where Yves Camdeborde serves up his delicious food to locals and food tourists who wait patiently in next-door l'Avant Comptoir for a table to become available. The wine list is reasonably-priced and packed with stars of the natural wine movement such as Thierry Puzelat and Herve Villemade from Touraine, Domaine Valettte from Macon, Alice and Olivier de Moor from Chablis and Audrey and Christian Binner from Alsace to name but a few.

Read a full review here: Le Comptoir - Paris

Relae - Copenhagen

Relae is a very good restaurant tucked away in the emerging Jaegersborggade food street in Copenhagen which it shares with other food and wine luminaries such as Manfreds and the Coffee Collective. The menu is sparse, offering a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian option of four dishes plus an optional cheese course. The food is matched to suggested wines by the glass and these wines are chosen from their extensive range of natural wines which are invariably delicious.

Read a full review here: Relae - Copenhagen

Manfreds & Vin - Copenhagen

Manfreds & Vin is one of our very favourite places in Copenhagen. This is a place where we can hang out until very late at night enjoying the food, the company and the excellent range of natural wines.

Read a full review here: Manfreds & Vin - Copenhagen

NOMA - Copenhagen

NOMA deserves its place as the number 1 restaurant in the world. The food is delicious, the atmosphere relaxed and the service sharp and attentive. Natural wines are common on the wine list including offerings from Domaine Mosse in Anjou and Fanny Sabre from Beaune. But the real strength here lies in the grower Champagnes including hard-to-find offerings from domaines such as Andre Beaumont.

The following review is from the previous incarnation of NOMA. It has now moved to new premises which are yet to visit.

Read a full review here: NOMA - Copenhagen

l'Avant Comptoir - Paris

Surely this must be one of the hottest spots in Paris at the moment! Designed as a space to 'park' diners waiting for a table next door at Le Comptoir, it has since taken on a life of its own with people treating it as a venue in its own right - a place to enjoy lovely tapas dishes and the best natural wines France has to offer, sold at very reasonable prices.

Read a full review here: l'Avant Comptoir - Paris

The Ten Bells - NEW YORK

On our most recent visit to New York Ten Bells became a familiar haunt. We just loved the buzz and the informality here. We also loved the friendly staff and their willingness to find the right wine for us every time. Whether the night started with a Causses Marines delightful Preamboules or a Movia Tokai or finished with a Dard et Ribo Saint Joseph the selections were all immensely satisfying.

Read a full review here: The Ten Bells - New York

Aux Crieurs de Vin - TROYES

You would expect a wine bar in the centre of the Champagne district to serve champagnes, but what has grabbed our attention is the number of natural champagnes on offer here. When we looked at the list we noticed the wines of Jérôme Prévost, Ulysse Collin and Jacques Selosse among many others that are either organic or biodynamic or natural. However there is more than sparklers on offer here. There are also offerings from Yvon Metras, Marcel Lapierre and Philippe Pacalet heading a stellar range of the natural superstars of France. We recently spent a very convivial evening meal here with friends from Champagne who are natural wine producers. We left it to the staff to select the wines and we were treated to an array of some of the most interesting natural wines in the country.

Read a full review here: Aux Crieurs du Vin - Troyes

Les Becs à Vin - Orleans

Les Becs à Vin is a favourite haunt in the Loire Valley city of Orleans. It stocks only natural wines and the food is simple but very tasty.

Here we have enjoyed a bottle of Macon from Gilles and Catherine Verge with a salad of lentils and a Domaine le Briseau Les Mortiers Coteaux du Loire with a rabbit parmentier. They also stock wines from Herve Villemade including his exciting Romorantin from Cour Cheverny, the pure Burgundian wines of Dominique Derain, the Gaillac wines of Plageoles and the funky Loire wines of Olivier Lemasson.

Read a full review here: Les Becs a Vin - Orleans, France

Ester - Sydney

Ester is the restaurant that best exemplifies what the Sydney food scene is all about. The space is light and airy, the food is sensational with chef Mat Lindsay turning out inventive, delicious dishes and the wine list has an increasingly interesting line up of leading natural wines.

Read a full review here: Ester - Sydney

Franklin - Hobart

Franklin has now been widely acknowledged as Tasmania's leading restaurant ever since it opened. The menu features the best of Tasmania's amazing produce with an emphasis on fresh seafood. The wine list features a carefully curated range of natural wines from Australia, France and Italy. There is also an interesting selection of beers from Tasmania and beyond. The restaurant provides dishes made from the best of Tasmanian produce. This is definitely a destination venue for visitors to Hobart!

Read a full review here: Franklin - Hobart

ACME - Sydney

ACME is one of our go-to places in Sydney specialising in pasta - but don't think Italian, think modern restaurant serving delicious food and wine. Four industry stalwarts have got together to create an energetic space encompassing great service, perfectly cooked food and nervy, interesting wines.

Read a full review here: ACME - Sydney

Fratelli Paradiso - Sydney

Fratelli Paradiso is one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney. This long-term player in the Sydney dining scene is a reliable place to go for excellent Itaian food. But if you are into natural wines ask the waiters about the wines they import because they have some absolutely delightful examples available.

Read a full review here: Fratelli Paradiso - Sydney

Igni - Geelong

Igni is a new restaurant in a laneway in central Geelong with talented chef Aaron Turner at the stoves and Jo Smith ensuring that things run smoothly out front. Together they have put together a wine list with a good selection of natural wines. This restaurant is definitely worth the journey. We like the train trip from Melbourne at the weekend when they are open for lunch!

Read a full review here: Igni - Geelong

Le Bistrot des carmes - Angers

Le Bistrot des Carmes is a pleasant spot in Angers close to the river where the food and wine matches the seasons and the opening hours follow similar lines. In summer they make use of the terrace overlooking the river in the evening and open every night excpt Monday. In winter, however they only open from Thursday to Saturday in the evenings and then seating is inside the restaurant.

Read a full review here: Le Bistrot des Carmes

Au Passage - PARIS

A hip restaurant in Paris serving modern, delicious and very well-priced food. There is an interesting selection of natural wines available, many by the glass. On our most recent trip to Paris we had a truly excellent lunch here along with some wonderful wines.

Read a full review here: Au Passage - Paris

Les Buvards - Marseille

Les Buvards is both a wine shop and a place where you can order dinner to eat inside or on one of the tables that spill out into the rather misnamed street that is behind the Vieux Port. You can also simply order a glass of wine to enjoy. The wine list is impressive and all natural. They even have a selection of past vintages of some of the more interesting wines.

Read a full review here: Les Buvards

Winestand Waltz - Tokyo

This is one of the tiniest bars we have ever found. Tucked away up a laneway in Tokyo, this standing room only bar has an excellent range of Japanese and European natural wines and some very nice food. The owner, Yasuhiro Ooyama, is very helpful and passionate about his wines.

Read a full review here: Winestand Waltz - Tokyo

Bunon - Tokyo

Unlike most other natural wine bars in Tokyo, Bunon not only has an excellent range of natural wines but it also serves very smart Japanese food. You can also try some natural sake here.

Nishi-Azabu 4-2-14

Coinstot Vino - Paris

Coinstot Vino is a pleasant wine bar in the Passages de Panorama - just along from Racines. Look for stars such as the Crozes Hermitage white from Dard et Ribo, the Burgundies from Prieure Roch and Fanny Sabre and the Alsace wines from Audrey and Christian Binner.

Read a full review here: Coinstot Vino - Paris

Le Temps des Vendages - Toulouse

This cosy wine shop and restaurant is one of the best places for sourcing French natural wines that we have found anywhere. The owner is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He is always willing to recommend wines to your specification. Wines such as the Camarans Mauvais Temps, Bruno Duchene's delicious reds from Collioure, Souhart's lovely Syrah from the Ardeche and a range of Domaine Mosse wines grace the shelves along with most of the best of French natural wines.

Read a full review here: Le Temps des Vendages - Toulouse

Chai Christine Cannac - Bedarieux

You find Chai Christine Cannac in the hills behind Beziers, France in the pleasant village of Bedarieux. We go here for the wonderful selection of natural wines that includes local hero Axel Prufer and the bougnettes - Aveyron meatballs made from leftover pigs parts that is sliced, fried and served on toast. Very delicious!

Read a full review here: Chai Christine Cannac - Bedarieux

La Tour Cassée - Valvignères

La Tour Cassée, with its large "Café - Restaurant" sign dominating the building is a haven for those seeking excellent food and great wines while in the Ardeche. You wont find any fussy, tricked-up food here, just excellent ingredients and highly competent cooking backed up by a great selection of natural wines from throughout France and beyond.

Read a full review here: La Tour Cassée - Valvignères

Terroir - New York

Terroir has a great vibe! The wine list is interesting in a quirky way, the waiting staff are frighteningly knowledgeable and the food is terrific. We have had a number of very enjoyable late nights here learning about wine. The wine list is not exclusively natural but there are enough natural wines here to make it a great place to learn about them.

Read a full review here: Terroir - New York

Aux Deux Amis - Paris

Aux Deux Amis is a Paris institution. Friday night here is a prty of gigantic proportions. It is informal, lively and serves some of the best biodynamic and natural wines from throughout France. And the food and wine are very reasonably priced.

Read a full review here: Aux Deux Amis - Paris

Diner - Brooklyn

Diner in Brooklyn is a delightful corner location where the food is interesting, the service very professional and the wine list presents a number of stars of the natural wine movement such as Guy Breton and George Descombes from Beaujolais and Olivier Cousin from the Loire.

Read a full review here: Diner - Brooklyn

Hearth - New York

Hearth is where we go to experience the sensational cooking of Marco Canora. He applies his cooking skills to dishes that are honest and comforting rather than tricked up. This is just the sort of food we crave. The wine list ranges across many of the great value wines of the world including natural wines such as Le Grand Blanc by Henri Milan of Provence, the Rieslings of Pichler from Austria and Frank Cornelissen and Occhipinti of Sicily.

Read a full review here: Hearth - New York

Bentley Restaurant + Bar - Sydney

Bentley Restaurant + Bar has now relocated to the CBD and has an amazing collection of natural wines curated by Nick Hildebrandt to match the inspiring food turned out by chef Brent Savage.

Read a full review here: Bentley Restaurant + Bar - Sydney

Le Chateaubriand - Paris

Le Chateaubriand is on a roll. It is in the top fifty restaurant list from Restaurant Magazine and is packed with hopeful diners every night. While we are not enamoured by the consistency of the food we love the place and we love the wine offerings.

Read a full review here: Le Chateaubriand - Paris

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie - Paris

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie is an authentic Paris bistro with a very natural wine list. A very good selection of natural wines by the glass is chalked on a blackboard. Expect to find wines such as Gramenon, Mosse, Robinot, Herve Souhart, Causse Marines and many more of the leaders of the natural wine movement as well as wines made by former owner Nicolas Carmarans on his vineyard in the Massive Central of central France.

Read a full review here: Café de la Nouvelle Mairie - Paris

Chez Remi - Angers, France

Chez Remi in Angers in France's Loire Valley is a vibrant restaurant that has a wonderful, natural wine list. Look for the Les Capriades from Pascale Potaire, the whites from Agnes and Rene Mosse or the Morgon from Jean Foillard. It is a gathering place for the natural wine community after a hard day at the trade shows in early February that are a magnet for those who throng to these events.

Read a full review here: Chez Remi - Angers, France

L'Herbe Rouge - Valaire, France

Valaire is a tiny town between Blois and Tours on the southern side of the Loire. No major roads go near this village so you have to make an effort to go here. The wines of local natural wine gurus Thierry Puzelat and Herve Villemade feature prominently. A meal in July 2018 was very satisfying. They also have spacious rooms above the restaurant if you want to stay in the area. On our visit the people at the next table were drinking the very natural sans soufre Gamay from Domaine la Paonnerie from Coteaux d'Ancenis.

Read a full review here: L'Herbe Rouge - Valaire, France

Les Papilles - Paris

This lively 'cave a manger' has tables arranged in front of the wine racks. You choose a wine and then settle back to enjoy a fixed menu of delicious food. Look for natural wines such as the Loire's star performers the Bretons.

Read a full review here: Les Papilles, Paris

Racines - Paris

A great place for adventurous natural wine and some very good food. Some of the produce is sourced from the Arpege garden. Pierre Jancou has sold this venue to David Lanher but the natural wine philosophy is being maintained and the restaurant is turning out excellent food.

Read a full review here: Racines, Paris

Le Bistrot Paul Bert - Paris

This venue has the feel of a traditional bistro while having a very modern wine list packed with the stars of the natural wine movement. On our last visit we thoroughly enjoyed a Souhart Syrah from the Ardeche.

Read a full review here: Le Bistrot Paul Bert, Paris

Le Baratin - Paris

Le Baratin was one of the first bistros in Paris to move to an all-natural wine list. The food is simply presented and very good and the wine selection is amazing. Just leave the selection to the sommelier and you won't be disappointed.

Read our review here: Le Baratin

Le Servan - Paris

Le Servan is a classic neighbourhood restaurant in a neighbourhood that loves the type of food being served and loves the wines that are available. The wine list ranges widely over the best of natural wines from across France. Champagnes from Marie Courtin, pet nats from La Grande Tiphane, whites from Alexandre Bain, Domaine Valette and Fanny Sabre, reds from Patrick Boujou, Jean Foillard and La Ferme Saint Martin give diners plenty of choice.

Read our review here: Le Servan

Marlow & Sons - Brooklyn

Marlow & Sons is a cosy, crowded and charming restaurant crouching below the Williamsburg Bridge. The food is cooked with skill, the service is friendly and professional and the wine list a roll call of the best natural winemakers in France.

Read our review here: Marlow & Sons

Vigne en Foule - Gaillac

Vigne en foule is named after a very old method of close planting grape vines that has long since been abandoned in France. This very pleasant bistro in the centre of Gaillac serves up very smart food at amazing prices. The wine list highlights the growing number of natural wine makers in south west France and beyond.

The team of owners are chef Julien Bourdaries, local distiller Laurent Cazottes, Fabien Loubiere and vignerons Bernard Plageoles, Patrice Lescarret and Michael Issaly.

We recently ate here for a second time and were most impressed by the quality of the food and the range of natural wines available.

Read a full review here: Vigne en Foule, Gaillac

El Xadic del Mar - Banyuls sur Mer

This is a wine bar in Banyuls (on the French Mediterranean coast quite close to the border with Spain) which has been on our list to visit for a long time. It was opened by Emmanuel Desclaux who used to run one of our favourite haunts, Verre Vole in Paris.

Read a full review here: El Xadic del Mar - Banyuls sur Mer

9 Caves - Banyuls sur Mer

9 Caves is an interesting space in Banyuls sur Mer where 9 winemakers have moved there wine production to this building and have set u a very pleasant tasting room and cafe in the front section. It is a great place to try natural wines from across France and those from the winemakers who occupy the building. Bruno Duchene is one of the winemakers who has moved to this facility.

Read a full review here: 9 Caves - Banyuls sur Mer

Shonzui - Tokyo

This is a bar and restaurant in the Roppongi district of Tokyo that has been serving natural wines for over a decade. We read about it on the wonderful Wine Terroirs blog recently and were determined to visit. We walked through the door then ordered an Hirotaki wine and immediately tastes of other wines started to appear at our table. It became a very long and very enjoyable night!

Read a full review here: Shonzui - Tokyo

40 Maltby St - London

Tucked away under a railway line this appealing bar and restaurant is one of our favourite "go-to" places in London. The food is simple yet very appealing and the wines are all natural and from an excellent range of producers. The staff know the wines well so don't hesitate to ask for advice.

Read a full review here: 40 Maltby Street - London

Le Canon - Nice

Le Canon is an exciting new venture in the southern city of Nice in France. It is both a restaurant and a cave where you can buy bottles of natural wine to take away. The food here is cooked with care and precision and the wine offerings are exciting. This is a great new venue for Nice.

Read a full review here: Le Canon - Nice

Auberge de Chassignolles - Chassignolles

This lovely auberge is tucked away in the rural countryside in the Auvergne. The food here is fresh, tasty and expertly cooked, with much of the produce coming from their own extensive garden which lies just a few metres from the kitchen. The rooms here are very comfortable and the wines are all natural with many local wines from excellent producers such as Patrick Bouju and Mito Inue. It is one of our favourite places in France.

Read a full review here: Auberge de Chassignolles

O Vins d'Anges - Lyon

O Vins d'Anges in Lyon, France is both a wine store and a cave a manger where you can order simple dishes such as charcuterie and cheese supplied by some excellent producers. The natural wine arranged around the walls is an exciting representation of the best of the French natural wine community.

Read a full review here: O Vins d'Anges - Lyon

 Le Pied dans le Plat - Saint-Pere

Le Pied dans le Plat is the bar and bottleshop housed in the winery of Domaine de la Cadette and Domaine Montanet-Thoden in an old garage on the outskirts of the quaint village of Saint Pere. This is a place where you can buy the delicious natural wines made by Jean, Catherine and Valentin Montanet or simply stop here for a glass of wine and a snack while enjoying the view on the terrace which looks towards the perched village of Vezelay.

Read a full review here: Le Pied dans le Plat - Saint Pere

Essencia - POLIGNY

Essencia in the Jura village of Poligny specialises in just two items - natural wine and the very best of regional cheese. When you walk into this Aladdin's cave you will be surrounded by some of the finest natural wine of the Jura region and beyond. You will also be within reach of some of the finest Comte cheese we have ever eaten.

Read a full review here: Essencia

Ellsworth - Paris

Ellsworth is a pleasant small restaurant in Paris serving small plate dishes designed for sharing. The food is cooked with precision and flair and the wines are mainly natural. The restaurant is an offshoot from nearby veteran Verjus.

Read a full review here: Ellsworth

Bistrot des Claquets - ARBOIS

Bistrot des Claquets is a charming restaurant/bistro in the pretty Jura village of Arbois. It has a number of attractions. First it opens from early in the morning till late at night. Second it serves very good, hearty food that is a cut above average for country France. Last it has a great range of local (Jura) and other natural wines. The service is charming as an added bonus.

Read a full review here: Bistrot des Claquets

Bar Agricole - San Francisco

Bar Agricole is a very smart bar and restaurant in San Francisco where all aspects of the experience including the food, the service, the cocktails and the smart wine list come together to provide a perfect dining experience.

The list of wines is impressive ranging from Pinon to Bea to Huet to Jacques Puffeney to Arnot Roberts to Benito Santos to Michel Gahier and many more stars of the natural wine movement.

Read a full review here: Bar Agricole, San Francisco

Commonwealth - San Francisco

Commonwealth is a jewel in the San Francisco dining firmament. The food is focussed, friendly and exciting, the restaurant is a pleasant space to be in and the service is friendly, caring and clever. This is a San Francisco 'must visit' restaurant!

And there is a fiar smattering of very natural wines including those from iconoclast local winemaker Sean Thackrey along with Broc Cellars and the Scholium Project, from the Jura there is Philippe Bornard, from Austria Claus Preisinger and many more.

Read a full review here: Commonwealth, San Francisco

La Cave Voltaire - Chinon

La Cave Voltaire is a small natural wine shop in Chinon a couple of blocks from the centre. It deals only in natural wines and the proprietor, Patrice Claire, is passionate about the wines he sells, most of which are from the central Loire.

Read a full review here: La Cave Voltaire - Chinon

Casse-Cailloux - Tours

Casse-Cailloux is a charming bistro in the Loire Valley city of Tours. The food is cooked with skill, the front-of-house service is charming and efficient and the wine list packed with heroes of the natural wine movement.

Read a full review here: Casse-Cailloux - Tours

1889 Enoteca Vinaio - BRISBANE

This enoteca and wine bar is partly owned by the same people who operate the Addley Clark wine import business. They specialise in natural wines from all parts of Italy. Among their portfolio are standouts such as the wines from the Bera family, the Radikon range and the Occhipinti from Sicily. We enjoyed two great meals here on our most recent trip to Brisbane.

10-12 Logan Road Wooloongabba, Brisbane, Queensland 07 3392 4361

Le Saint Eutrope - Clermont-Ferrand

Le Saint Eutrope is one of the best value restaurants serving quality food outside Paris. The quality of the ingredients is exceptional, the skill of the chef is outstanding and the breadth and value of the natural wine list makes it one that we would make a journey for!

Alexandra and Harry have also opened a bar next door called Le Quillosque which has about 100 natural wines available. We look forward to our next visit.

Read a full review here: Le Saint Eutrope - Clermont-Ferrand

Some more information on the bar can be found here: Le Quillosque - Clermont-Ferrand

La Cabane Wine Bistro - Hong Kong

La Cabane Wine Bistro is a bar cum restaurant established by the same people who own the nearby La Cabane a Vin - our favouite wine shop in Hong Kong. It is a great place where you can order one of your favourite natural wines and maybe order some charcuterie or something more substantial to while away the time.

62 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong.

My House - Hong Kong

And now another venture by La Cabane a Vin's Karim Hadjadj where he has teamed up with Alison Christ to create a space in Wan Chai where you can order natural wines, listen to your favourite music on vinyl and eat organic food in share-plate style. Perfect!

26/F QRE Plaza, 202 Queens Road East, Wan Chai

Autour d'Un Cep - Angers

Autour d'Un Cep is a pleasant restaurant in Angers in France's Loire Valley serving beautifully cooked food and a great selection of natural wines.

Read a full review here: Autour d'un Cep

Le Repaire de Cartouche - Paris

Repaire de Cartouche is a gem of a restaurant in the 11th. The engaging owner directs proceedings to ensure that guests have a great time. The food is wonderful while being relatively reasonably priced. You will revel in the natural wine selection available here which includes some with a bit of age.

Read our review here: Le Repaire de Cartouche

Le Potager des Halles - Lyon

This delightful bistro is the home to some very good cooking. It is also home to some very good wines with local heroes such as Jean Paul Brun and Yvon Métras represented (Brun with his fascinating 'In Extremis' which we matched with a dessert). Natural wines don't dominate here but the food is very good and you can choose some good wine options.

Read a full review here: Le Potager des Halles, Lyon, France

La Cremerie - Paris

La Cremerie is one of the originals of the natural wine movement - it rose to prominence under Pierre Jancou before he moved on to Racines. This wine shop also serves snacks such as very good charcuterie while you explore the range of natural wines on the shelves.

Read a full review here: La Cremerie - Paris

Terroirs - Charing Cross, London

Terroirs is a very serious venue for natural wines. You can drop in here for a drink and a snack and choose from an interesting selection of natural wine by the glass or from the extensive selection of bottles on the list. The wine list is also packed full of information and intelligent comment.

Read a full review here: Terroirs - Charing Cross, London

Terroir Natural Wine Merchants - San Francisco

On our trips to San Francisco we always make a point of dropping into Terroirs Natural Wine Bar to enjoy some natural wines. Their selection is eclectic and interesting. We love the bottles from Mikulski in Burgundy with their hand written labels, however this is just one example from a stellar line up.

Read a full review here: Terroir Natural Wine Merchant - San Francisco

Monopole - Sydney

Monopole is Sydney's Potts Point is the latest venture for the dynamic duo, Nick Hildebrandt as sommelier/front of house and Brent Savage as executive chef. The wine selection is mind blowing and many of the favourites of the natural wine community can be found here.

Read a full review here: Monopole - Sydney

Sixpenny - Sydney

Sixpenny is definitely worth the short train ride from the centre of Sydney to the inner west suburb of Stanmore. It doesn't take very long but the benefits are clear once you walk the short distance from the train station to this charming, tiny ,corner establishment. The food is fantastic and the wine list celebrates many of the natural wines that we love to drink.

Read a full review here: Sixpenny - Sydney

Mary's - Sydney

Mary's is one of the most exciting bars in Australia. Walk in and order a beer - they have lots of exciting new producers. After you have sunk one or two or three your thoughts mind wander towards a wine to match to the excellent food turned out of the kitchen here. Turn around and face the wall and there are many, many excellent natural wines listed on the blackboard. What a wonderful place!

Read a full review here: Mary's - Sydney

Le Verre Vole - Paris

Le Verre Vole is a great place for a delicious meal and a wine chosen from their wines by the glass or one of the many natural wines that you can find by browsing the shelves. You will find the best of the best from the natural wine movement here. They also have a store with a similar selection at 38 rue Oberkampf just opposite Aux Deux Amis.

Read a full review here: Le Verre Vole - Paris

Le Chapeau Melon - Paris

Le Chapeau Melon is now closed!

Le Cercle Rouge - Angers

Le Cercle Rouge is a wine bar in the very centre of the old part of Angers that is associated with the nearby Chez Remi. The wines here are all natural and some are difficult to find elsewhere. We keep going back here to learn about new producers which they always seem to be first to feature. A great place!

Read a full review here: Le Cercle Rouge - Angers, France

Le Tourne au Verre - Cairanne

Le Tourne au Verre in the southern Rhone town of Cairanne has always been a favourite watering hole. They always have local selections such as the wine of Richaud and alary (who are within walking distance) but we were delighted on our recent visit to find that the stunning Edmond Vatan Clos la Neore was on the list.

Read a full review here: Le Tourne au Verre, Cairanne, France

Spring - Paris

Spring is run by American Daniel Rose and is a very good venue. There is a downstairs bar as well with a well-selected range of natural wines plus food that is expertly prepared.

Read our review here: Spring

BRAWN - London

Brawn is a wine-focussed restaurant in London. The wine list is loaded with an interesting selection of natural wines including some smaller producers that have not received much exposure. We also very much enjoyed the food here on our recent visit.

Read our review here: Brawn

Soif Wine Bar & Merchants - Santa cruz

The long and impressive wine list at SOIF (soif means thirst in French) contains many interesting biodynamic and natural wines ranging from the Occhipinti "Il Frappato" and "Siccagno" from Sicily, to the Bera wines from Piedmont in northern Italy, to Domaine de la Tournelle from Arbois, or an Arnot-Roberts Trousseau. The food does not reach the same stellar heights as the wine list, but this is a great place to drop in and buy a bottle of your favourite wine to take out and a good place to drop in for a drink.

Pre en Bulle - Albi

Pre en Bulle has a very good selection of natural wines by the glass and by the bottle. It is an unprepossessing venue but a great place to relax at one of the outside tables and enjoy the sunshine.

Read our review here: Pre en Bulle

Pas Comme les Autres - Beziers

Pas Comme les Autres means "Not like the others" referring to the extensive list of natural wines on offer in this delightful bar and eatery in the centre of the old city of Beziers. The food and the wine service is all carried out by the busy owner. You can drop in here for just a glass of wine or you can linger over a meal while sampling a couple of interesting bottles of natural wine either from the local region or beyond.

Read our review here: Pas Comme les Autres

Le Vin au Vert - GRENOBLE

Le Vin au Vert is a wine shop and bar in Grenoble. The lineup of natural wines is very impressive with offerings from Guy Blanchard, Alice and Olivier de Moor, Francis Boulard, Didier Barral, Le Temps de Cerise (Axel Prufer), La Sorga (Anthony Tortul), Sebastien Bobinet, Olivier Lemasson, Agnès & René Mosse, L’Oratoire Saint-Martin and Domaine Gramenon to name just a few on their list.

Read our review here: Vin au Vert

Le Dauphin - Paris

Le Dauphin is the latest venture for Paris icon Inaki Aizpitarte nearly next door to his impossibly hip Le Chateaubriand. Like his original restaurant the wine list is very natural, however the food makes more of a nod towards the French classics hence we find the food more satisfying here.

Read our review here: Le Dauphin

Ved Stranden 10 - Copenhagen

Ved Stranden 10 is a cool and relaxing wine bar in Copenhagen that has a very interesting selection of natural wines including offerings from Fanny Sabre, Philippe Pacalet, Catherine and Pierre Breton, Francois Chidaine and many more.

Read our review here: Ved Stranden 10

Wine shops where you can find natural wines

Here are some examples of places that we have visited and reviewed where you you can source natural wines. We will add to this list over the coming months and there are some more wine shops below in the descriptions of places we haven't visited yet.

Chambers Street Wines - New York

La Cave des Papilles - Paris

Oak Barrel - Sydney

Oenopole - Montreal

La Cabane a Vin, Hong Kong

Vanderbilt Wine Merchants, Brooklyn

Le Derniere Goutte - Paris

Les Caprices de l'Instant - Paris

Comptoir Celestin - Narbonne

Maine & Loire, Portland

Si Belle la Vigne - Marseille

Noble Fine Liquor - London

Terroir Natural Wine Merchant - San Francisco

La Cave du Sommelier - Cancale, France

Le Bonheur Suit Son Cours - Vaison-la-Romaine, France

D.O.C. Wine Shop - Brooklyn

September Wines & Spirits - New York

UVA Wines - Brooklyn

The Natural Wine Company - Brooklyn

Thirst Wine Merchants - Brooklyn

Les Vignerons, Rome

Cave St Aubin, Angers

The Wine Bottega, Boston

La Derniere Goutte - Paris

Les Indigenes - Perpignan

Places we have heard about but haven't visited yet

There are many places that we have read about that have a good selection of natural wines, but haven't had a chance to visit. We have included them here to alert you to their existence and will try to visit as many as possible.

Lou Wine Shop and Tastings - Los Angeles

Lou Amdur is a legend in the natural wine firmament. We used to thoroughly enjoy his bar just off Melrose. His knowledge of, and passion for, wines without additives or contrivance are without peer. We look forward to a visit to his new venture in the very near future.

1911 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Feliz.

The Four Horsemen - Brooklyn

We are looking forward to our visit (hopefully soon) to Four Horsemen in Brooklyn. Here they have estalished a ground-breaking wine list focussed entirely on natural wines with a dazzling array from the USA, France, Italy and beyond.

295 Grand St, Brooklyn. Tel. +1 718 599 4900

Rouge Tomate - New York

It is all here. An expansive and interesting natural wine list with Bruno Rochard and Gut Oggau pet nats, Cremant from Ganevat, Selosse Champagne (of course), Schueller from Alsace and on it goes. It is a good thing that they have a very strong team to support the wines because it would be just too hard to choose.

126 W 18th St, New York, 10011. Tel. +1 646 395 3978

Caves Sauvage - Paris

We came across this retailer and cave a manger on the excellent Le Fooding Web site. There certainly seems to be an interesting selection of French natural wines here and we look forward to dropping in on our forthcoming visit to Paris.

60 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006, Paris, France. Tel. +30 6 88 88 48 23

Zuehlke - Hamburg

Zuehlke is a wine bar in Hamburg, Germany run by Andreas van Zuehlke. The bar serves food and concentrates on natural wine. We see from the Facebook site that they have wines such as the engaging Lucky You from Laurent Saillard (who also makes the beautiful Gamay called La Pause) from the Loire and the Boire Tue from iconoclast winemaker Pascal Simonutti.

Eppendorfer Weg 58, 20259 Hamburg, Germany. Tel +49 40 227 596 00.

Wildair - New York

Wildair serves interesting small dishes and natural wines in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday. The wine list is truly impressive with offerings from both Julien and Etienne Courtois, Jean-Pierre Robinot, Domique Belluard, Agnès et René Mosse, Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre and Rita & Rudolf Trossen to name but a few. And expect to find a good offering of pet nats on the list.

142 Orchard St, New York. Tel. +1 646 964-5624.

Contra - New York

Contra is a restaurant set up by chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske in the vibrant Lower East Side of Manhattan Island. The wine list features small, natural wine producers from both Italy and France.

138 Orchard St, New York. Tel. +1 212 466 4633

Bak Restaurant - Amsterdam

It has recently come to our attention that Bak restaurant in Amsterdam has a good selection of natural wines. We have had a look at their wine list and were delighted to find wines, to name but a few, from Dominique Belluard from the Savoie, Champagne from Francis Boulard, Alsace from Domaine Mittnacht and the venerable Bruno Schueller, Sancerre from Sebastian Riffault, Aligote from Alice and Olivier de Moor, Macon from Domaine Valette, Jura from Renaud Bruyere and Adeline Houillon and Syrah from Hervé Souhaut! Not a bad selection and that doesn't include their cellar list.

Van Diemenstraat 408, 1013 CR Amsterdam. Tel +31 207 372 553

Drifters Wife - Portland

Drifters Wife is a wine bar at the front of the natural wine store called Maine & Loire in Portland, Maine. You might find some rare wines here such as the delicious Grolleau wines from Quentin Bourse from the Loire or the Cour-Cheverny from Domaine Huards.

63 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine, United States. Tel. +1 207 805 1336

L'Arsouille - Rennes

A natural wine restaurant and cave n the western city of Rennes. Reputed to have one of the best selections of natural wine outside of Paris.

17 Rue Paul Bert, 35000 Rennes, France. Tel. +30 2 99 38 11 10

Victualler - London

Victualler is a wine shop and bar in London that has an exciting range of natural wines including those from Fanny Sabre from Burgundy, Andre Beaufort from Champagne, the rare Cassot de Mailloles from Banyuls sur Mer, Henri Milan from Provence, Julien Courtois from the Solonge in the Loire Valley and Sebastien Riffault from Sancerre.

69 Garnet St, Wapping, E1W 3QS. Ph: 020 7481 9694

The Remedy - London

The Remedy is on our list for a forthcoming visit to London even though we don't need a remedy for natural wine!  They have on their list the Franck Pascal from Champagne, Nicolas Carmarans from the remote Aveyron, the stunning Macon wines of Gilles and Catherine Verge, the lovely Lammershoek Chenin Blancs from South Africa, orange wines from Gravner and Radikon and even a rose from Tom Shobbrook from the South Australia.

124 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6PG. Ph: 020 3489 3800

Telegraph Wine Bar - CHICAGO

The Telegraph Wine Bar in Chicago has a very impressive array of natural wines - so much so that it has made us consider dropping into Chicago on our next trip to the States. 

How could anybody not be impressed by a wine list that begins with three sparkling wines by the glass consisting of the fabulous Barmes-Buecher Cremant d'Alsace, the delightful, funky Causse Marines Preambulles and the Cotar Penina Crna from Slovenia!

The wine list then runs the full gamut of natural greats including the much-heralded Coenobium from Lazio, the very rare de Moor Plantation 1902 Aligote, the orange Vodopivec Amphoa Vitovska from Venezia Giulia and one of our favourites from the Jura, Michel Gahier's Les Grands Vergers. And if you want a real treat, splash out on a 1986 Weingut Leth Roter Veltliner Wagram in Austria or the even older 1981 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Rioja from Spain.

This is a brilliantly-curated wine list and we look forward to a visit in the near future.

2601 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, 60647. Tel. +1 773 292 9463

June - Brooklyn

June is a wine bar in Brooklyn that specialises in European natural wine. They are open every evening and offer wines from producers such as Grange Tiphane from the Loire, Les Dolomies from the Jura, La Clarine Farm from California, l'Anglore from the southern Rhone and Andrea Calek from the Ardeche.

231 Court St, Brooklyn, New York, 11201. Tel.

This seems like exactly the type of place we would like to visit. The food looks great without being pretentious and the wine program is strong. Natural wines from the US such as Donkey and Goat and Arnot Roberts and then the beautiful Melon de Bourgogne from Doamine Cadette in Vézelay, a Chandon de Brailles from

Le Tonneau Gourmand - Crolles

Le Tonneau Gourmand is a cave-a-manger in Crolles near Grenoble where you can buy a bottle of wine to take away or you can sit and have a drink and a snack or a full meal. They specialise in biodynamic, organic and natural wines with over 200 different wines available on the list.

441, rue Charles de Gaulle, Crolles (Grenoble) Ph: +33 6 79 67 71 80

Rootstock Wine Bar - CHICAGO

Rootstock has been set up by former staff of Webster's Wine Bar. They have a very good range of natural wines (think Alice and Olivier de Moor, Michel Gahier, Jean-Yves Péron and Franck Pascal). You can also have a meal here with offerings such as hangar steak or a beef burger, for example.

954 North California Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60622 Tel. +1 773 292 1616. Open daily

Vin & Natur - MALMO

This smart place in Malmo has a very clever selection of natural wines including domaines such as Domaine du Moulin (Herve Villemade) and Noella Morantin from the Loire, Bérèche et Fils and Vouette & Sorbée from Champagne, Domaine Montanet Thoden, Domaine de Chassorney, Benoit Delorme and Alice & Olivier De Moor from Burgundy, Jean Marc Brignot from the Jura and Domaine du Perron from Bugey.

Södra Skolgatan 30 214 22 Malmö, Sweden Tel. 073-963 58 58

Restaurant 6036 - PARIS

A Japanese restaurant in the popular 11th in Paris which also is reputed to have a very good natural wine program. The chef used to be the sous-chef at the trendy Abri.

82, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, Paris, 75011 Tel. +33 1 73 71 38 12

Jo Beef - Montreal

This restaurant has now become a Montreal institution and we certainly look forward to a visit as soon as possible to try the French-influenced food and the wines that tend towards the natural. The wine list favours French natural wines but isn't limited to that country.

2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H3J 1N6, Canada. Tel. +1 514 935 6504

Vin Papillion - Montreal

A spin-off from the wildly popular Joe Beef restaurant, this natural wine bar in Montreal is a place we are very keen to visit. The wines are sourced from Germany, Sloveni, Croatia, Georgia and, of course, France and Italy and they are natural. You could try a Pommard by Pacalet or a Bambara Santenay made by a Quebec winemaker who works in Burgundy.

2519 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal. No phone.

Pearl and Ash - New York

Pearl and Ash is a smart restaurant in the Nolita area of New York not too far from the Lower East Side. The menu here is based around small plates and a very long wine list that covers the best of French natural wines ranging from a Cheverny white from Puzelat, to a wine from Arizona to a long list of wines from Burgundy. There is literally something for everyone here!

220 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, United States. Tel: +1 212 837 2370

Pullman - Montreal

This natural wine bar has a solid selection of natural wines for visitors to Montreal. They list natural French winemakers such as Milan, Causse Marines, Gahier, Dard and Ribo, Carmarans, Belluard, Schueller and many more.

3424, Avenue du Parc, Montréal. Tel. 514 288 7779

Laloux - Montreal

What a wine list!!?? Here we have natural wine gurus from France including Gahier, Mosse, Careme, Reau, Courtois, Derain, Cadette, Pacalet, Puffeney, Overnoy, Lapierre, Bornard, Prufer and Milan among many others.

250, Pine avenue East, Montréal. Tel. 514 287-9127

Bacchus et Ariane - PARIS

We spend a lot of time in the 6th in Paris, but in all that time we never knew that this bar cum wine shop in the Saint Germaine market building served some excellent natural wines. On out forthcoming trip to Paris we will be sure to check it out more closely because we have become aware that they stock Barmes Buecher from the Alsace, Vouette et Sorbee Champagne, Foillard Morgon, Clos Rougeard, Domaine Chidane and a host of other stars of the natural firmament!

4 rue Lobineau, 75006, Paris. Ph: 01 46 34 12 94. Closed Monday

Sarfati (Libreria Utopia) - MILAN

A tiny natural wine bar in Milan near the Porta Romana metro where you can find the products of many interesting natural winemakers such as the wonderful Guccione from Sicily, Jacques Beaufort from Champagne, Camillo Donati from Emilia-Romagna, Pierre Frick from Alsace, Jo Landron from the Loire and many more. They also serve snacks so it appears to be a great place to hang out.

You can even have the natural Loirette beer from France.

Viale Sabotino, 38 20135 Milano Tel: 02 5831 0687

Autour d'un Verre - PARIS

Autour d'un Verre is a classic bar tucked away in the 9th arrondissement serving some very modern and very delicious wines. The offerings extend across the length and breadth of France with the Languedoc being represented by the amazingly pure wines of Axel Prufer, the Ardeche by Gilles Azzoni and Domaine de Mazel and Chablis by Alice and Olivier de Moor - not a bad selection, and we have only named a few.

21 rue de Trévise 75009 Paris, France

Metro : Grands Boulevards

Tire Bouchon - COPENHAGEN

We look forward to our forthcoming visit to this wine bar that counts amongst its wine selections the elegant Loire reds from Domaine Mosse, a Savennières from guru Nicolas Joly, the beautiful Jasnières from Domaine de la Bellivière and the brooding Bandols from Château Sainte Anne.

Teglgardstraede 5, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 3332 1777

L'Anima del vi - BARCELONA

This Spanish cave a manger specialises in natural wines with a range of Spanish and French exemplars of the natural wine movement. The Ardeche is represented by Domaine de Mazel, Alsace by Bruno Schueller, Beaujolais by Jean Foillard, Karim Vionnet, Macel Lapierre and Philippe Jambon, Bordeaux by Paul Barre, Chateau Meylet and Clos de Mounissens, Chablis by Alice and Olivier de Moor, Vezelay by Domaine de la Cadette, Burgundy by Philippe Pacalet and Jean-Claude Rateau among others, Languedoc by Domaine du Matin Calme, Domain du Possible and Le Temps des Cerises, Provence by Domaine les Terres Promises, the Loire by Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Domaine Mosse, Domaine le Briseau, Mark Angeli and others and the Rhone by Domaine l'Anglore and Domaine Viret. Not a bad line up of the natural wine movement from France! We know less about the natural wine movement in Spain, but L'Anima del vi stocks wines from Antonio Sorolla, Pérez Caramés, Julia Bernet, Conde de Valicourt and Martin Alonso Etayo to name but a few.

Mariana Pineda, No 3, 08012 Barcelona, Spain Tel. 0034 933 683 612

Chez Ariane - ARLES

On our most recent visit to Arles, which sits on the edge of Provence right up against the wild Camargue region, we noticed this wine bar smack bang in the centre of the old town. Our attention was grabbed because they had some of their wine selection chalked on a small black board and some of our favourite natural wines were featured. We didn't expect a small wine bar in Arles to feature the wines of Fanny Sabre, the maker of some great natural wines from Pommard, Savigny-les-Beaune, Beaune and the Bourgogne appellations. Her name was listed alongside other favourites such as Herve Villemade, Guy Breton, Georges Descombes, Domaine Gramenon and Marcel Richaud. The bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday due to its location next to a prime tourist area.

2, rue du Docteur Fanton 13200 Arles, France Tel:

Vinivore - NICE

This wine bar in Nice is run by the people from La Part des Anges and hence serves a similar range of natural wines. It has moved to a trendy new location in the old port. There are two parts to the venue. One for a quick drink or late night top up and one for dining.

10, rue Lascaris, Nice, France Tel. +33 4 93 14 68 09. Closed Sunday, Monday.

Bistro Vin Rouge - DURHAM

This place was brought to our attention when they started following us on Twitter. When we checked their wine list we were impressed to see star offerings such as a Cour Cheverny from Francois Cazin, the lovely Cendrillon from Domaine de la Garreliere, Edmond Vatan's thrilling Clos la Neore Sancerre, Jean-Paul Brun's white Beaujolais and Beaujolais l'Ancien, Jean Foillard's Cotes-du-Py from Morgon and the Cairanne from Marcel Richaud to name but a few.

2010 Hillsborough Road, Durham, North Carolina 27705. Tel. 919 416 0466

Caves 47 - TOURS

Caves 47 is a wine store in the Loire Valley city of Tours. It sells a range of the best natural winemakers including Herve Villemade (La Crope and Desire), Herve Souhart, Mark Angeli, Rene and Agnes Mosse, Clos du Tue Boeuf, Philippe Alliet, Pierre Breton, Nicolas Joly, Emile Heredia and l'Anglore.

47, avenue de la Tranchée, 47 37100 Tours Tel. +33 2 47 41 20 66

ICI Restaurant - BROOKLYN

A restaurant in Brooklyn with a very good list of natural wines and dishes based on fresh produce. Wines such as Domaine Pierre Luneau's Muscadet, Bera from Piedmont, Thierry Puzelat's Touraine wines, Dard and Souhart Ardeche reds and Jean Paul Brun's fabulous white Beaujolais.

246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn Tel 718 789 2778

Vleck Wijnen - AMSTERDAM

This wine importer with a wine outlet in Amsterdam has many of the very best natural wines in their selection. They represent Philippe Bornard from the Jura, Pierre-Paul Zink from Alsace, Herve Villemade and Pascale Potaire from the Loire, a number of the very best from Beaujolais, Fanny Sabre and Thomas Pico from Burgundy, Herve Souhart from the Ardeche and many more. We look forward to visiting this store.

Eerste Helmersstraat 63 hs 1054 DC Amsterdam Tel 020 683 5980

Brutus - Oslo

Brutus is a natural wine bar and bistro in Oslo. They stock an interesting range of wines including Philippe Bornard and Remi Poujol. They even have some Australian wines!

Eiriks gate 2, 0650 Oslo. Tel. +47 22 38 00 88

The Punchdown - OAKLAND

The Punchdown proudly proclaims itself as a natural wine bar and the wine list confirms this assertion! This Oakland newcomer allows you to sip Tarlant Champagne by the glass along with Quattro Mani Tokai from Slovenia, Chateau Falfas from Bordeaux, Donkey and Goat Roussanne, Briseau Pinot from the Loire and the dark, brooding Clos Sigeur Malbec from Cahors. Seems like a good reason to jump on the BART and make the journey across.

1737 Broadway (Grand Ave.), Oakland Tel. 510 251 0100

Thirstbarávin - BROOKLYN

Thirstbarávin is a new wine bar in Prospect Heights serving an interesting array of natural wines. It has been established by the owners of Thirst Wine Merchants.

629 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238 Tel. 718 857 9227

Pause Wine Bar - SAN FRANCISCO

There is little doubt that we will get to this wine bar soon as it is next door to one of our favourite places in the world, namely Zuni Cafe.

1666 Market St. (at Gough St. next to Zuni Cafe), San Francisco, Tel. 415 241 9463

Antidote - LONDON

This wine bar, restaurant and shop has an interesting selection of natural wines including those of Rene Mosse, Henri Milan, Les Terres Promises, Domaine de la Tournelle, Jean Charles Abbatucci, Le Casot des Mailloles and many more.

12A Newburgh St, London, W1F 7RR, Tel. 020 7287 8488

Bufalina - Texas

Bufalina is a pizza bar that has a very natural wine list in Austin, Texas. The list includes star winemakers such as Mosse, Puzelat, Donkey and Goat, Valette, Cousin, Breton and Thevenet.

1519 E Cesar Chavez, Austin Texas Tel 512.524.2523

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Our book recommendation

We recommend the excellent and entertaining book by Alice Feiring who is one of the foremost writers on natural wines.