A Food Lovers' Guide to Tasmania

A Food Lovers Guide to Tasmania is the most comprehensive, independent and authoritative guide to restaurants, cafes, food shops, coffee, bread and Tasmanian produce. It is unique in that all meals and products rated in this guide have been paid for by the publishers. No free meals are reviewed.

It was first published in 1988 in book form and has been continuously published in either book form or as an electronic guide ever since.

Tasmania is a verdant, green island off the southern coast of Australia. The cool climate and fertile soils allow some of the best produce you will find anywhere to be harvested.

A Food Lovers' Guide to Tasmania was first published authors Sue Dyson and Roger McShane to alert people to the wonderful produce available in this island state. It was published in book form until 2000 and has been published in electronic form on foodtourist.com since 1996. It has also been the subject of a weekly ABC radio program since 1989 where Sue and Roger are interviewed by Chris Wisbey about produce, restaurants, wine and recipes using Tasmanian products.

There are some excellent restaurants delivering the potential of the produce in Tasmania. Others are not so produce-driven. So don't travel around Tasmania expecting every restaurant to deliver beautifully cooked local produce - just like everywhere else in the world you have to know where to eat. Many places will disappoint!

This electronic guide to Tasmania is the result of Sue and Roger visiting every corner of the state for the past 25 years seeking out the best restaurants, food shops and wines. All restaurant visits and produce that we review are fully paid for by us.

You will see some places with 1, 2 or 3 'hearts' that look like this:

These places are the ones that Sue and Roger like going to the most. They are not meant to convey any other meaning such as being temples of high gastronomy. Sometimes they give a restaurant high marks for technical excellence in the kitchen and on the floor but no hearts.

Tasmania's leading restaurants

We have chosen the restaurants that provide interesting and exciting dining experiences and that make good use of the wonderful produce that is available in Tasmania.

Garagistes ♥♥♥

Garagistes is now firmly established as the most exciting restaurant in Tasmania. It is where everyone wants to experience when they visit Tasmania. And rightly so. The food reflects the changing seasons of Tasmania. It is sourced from the very best producers. The wine list holds tightly to their deeply-held philosophy of serving only orgnic or biodynamic wines that are made naturally by vignerons who grow the grapes and make the wines themselves. It is arguably the most extensive and exciting list of natural wines in Australia.

Garagistes is now taking reservations so make sure you book to ensure a seat as they are always very busy.

Read a full review here Garagistes

103 Murray St, Hobart. Tel +61 3 6231 0558

Lebrina Restaurant ♥♥♥

Lebrina Restaurant is where Scott Minervini weaves his magic. This is Hobart's best venue for a special night out. The cottage is divided into a number of small rooms, the service is very professional and unobtrusive and the food is cooked in the classical tradition but with the lightest of touches.

Read a full review here Lebrina Restaurant

155 New Town Rd, New Town. Tel +61 3 6228 7775

Stillwater Restaurant ♥♥

Stillwater Restaurant is housed in an old mill clinging to the banks of the Tamar River. The service here is totally professional and serene. The wine list showcases Tasmania's best names and many from elsewhere. The food is always interesting with local produce at the forefront.

Read a full review here Stillwater

2 Bridge Road, Launceston. Tel +61 3 6331 4153

Me Wah (Hobart)

The sumptuous décor here is only outdone by the opulence of the wine list. It is one of the few places in Tasmania where you can call a Romanée Conti, for example. If you want to stick closer to home then you can sample a vertical of Grange Hermitage if you prefer. The dumplings here are exemplary so order lots of them. The XO sauce is made on the premises and is sensational. The dish of hand-made noodles tossed in abalone jus is worth a journey.

Read a full review here Me Wah

16 Magnet Court, Sandy Bay. Tel +61 3 6223 3688

Ethos Eat Drink

Ethos Eat Drink has morphed from a tapas-style drop-in place to a more formal dining restaurant. They now have a fixed price menu each evening offering either 6 or 8 courses. They have access to some very good produce and the food is innovative and interesting. The service here is always very, very good.

Read a full review here Ethos Eat Drink

100 Elizabeth St, Hobart. Tel +61 3 6231 1165


Smolt is all things to all people. You can drop in for a take away coffee at any time of day. You can breakfast here before visiting the Salamanca Market on a Saturday morning or you can dine on a three course meal at night while others sit outside enjoying a pizza.

Read a full review here Smolt

2 Salamanca Square, Hobart. Tel +61 3 6224 2554

The Source

The Source is the premium restaurant at the MONA complex. The food is edgy and creative but doesn't always hit the mark. The wine list is interesting but tends towards 'big' names, however we can always find a perfect candidate for the food such as the natural Thomas Pico from Chablis.

Read a full review here The Source

655 Main Rd, Berriedale. Tel +61 3 6277 9900

Black Cow bistro

Black Cow provides a very pleasant dining experience in the heart of Launceston. They have a selection of the best beef in Tasmania including the wonderful Robbins Island grass-fed Wagyu.

Read a full review here: Black Cow

cnr Paterson and George Sts, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6331 9333

Mud Bar and Restaurant

Mud Bar and Restaurant has changed ownership and there is a new team in the kitchen and in the front-of-house. The service is excellent, the vibe is informal and the food is good. Many dihes have an Asian influence. They are also using the wonderful bread from Apiece Sourdough Bakery.

Read a full review here: Mud Bar and Restaurant

28 Seaport Blvd, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6334 5066

Remi de Provence

Remi de Provence is Tasmania's leading French restaurant. The food here is provincial French rather than haute cuisine - and that is a good thing. Remi Bancal is a master of regional French cuisine. His braised dishes are particularly good as are his aged steaks. The wine list features many of France's best wines.

Read a full review here Remi de Provence

252 Macquarie St, Hobart. Tel +61 3 6223 3933

Recent closures and changes

For the benefit of visitors to the state who might be consulting guides that were printed some time ago we provide information about restaurant closures and restaurants where the ownership has changed hands.

Chado - The Way of Tea has closed (choke back tears!!!)

Piccolo in North Hobart is closed - it has now re-opened under the same ownership and is now called Berta.

The Stackings - the premium restaurant at the Peppermint Bay complex has closed, but chef David Moyle will be opening a new restaurant in the Mercury building in Hobart in 2014.

Wild Cafe Restaurant - one of Tasmania's best country restaurants has closed its doors and the owners have relocated to Devonport to a new restaurant called Mrs Jones. We will be posting a review of the new restaurant shortly.

Frogmore Creek Restaurant (formerly Meadowbank Restaurant) has a new chef. We shall try to get there as soon as possible and post a review.

Mud Bar and Restaurant has new onership and a new team so we will visit soon and post a review.

Cooking schools and Food Tours

The Agrarian Kitchen ♥♥♥

The Agrarian Kitchen is such a special place. Note that it is not a restaurant but a place where you can enrol for an agrarian experience. Everyone we talk to who has enrolled in a cooking class here has raved about the experience (including ourselves!).

Read a full review here: The Agrarian Kitchen

650 Lachlan Rd, Lachlan. Tel +61 3 6261 1099

Gourmania Food Tours

Gourmania Food Tours are operated by Mary McNeill who has an extensive knowledge of food from the perspective of a chef and an inveterate food tourist.

Read a full review here: Gourmania Food Tours

Other urban restaurants, cafes and informal places to eat

This group of cafes and restaurants include many of our favourites - the ones you will find us visiting once a week for an informal meal.

Tricycle Cafe and Bar ♥♥

Tricycle is one of our favourite food destinations at lunch time. The meals here are always perfectly composed and beautifully seasoned. The specials are always designed to match the mood of the day, so if it is a hot sultry day there might be a couple of light salads and a cold soup on special. In the depth of winter the style changes to beautiful hot soups and braised dishes.

Read a full review here Tricycle

77 Salamanca Place, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6223 7228

Sweet Envy ♥♥♥

Alistair Wise and Teena Kearney modestly call their establishment a simple cake shop. However they produce a wide range of sweet things including ice creams based on either seasonal produce or whimsical flights of fancy. There are also beautiful savoury items such as the butter poached chicken sandwich and various pies and pasties, making it a perfect spot for a light lunch.

Read a full review here Sweet Envy

341 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 8805

Pigeon Hole ♥♥

Pigeon Hole is THE place where foodies naturally gravitate towards. Turn up on any morning and you will find local and interstate food tragics enjoying the sublime food and the great coffee. It is definitely worth a journey to sample the Taleggio eggs or one of the flavoursome panini that are always on the menu. Some of the new dishes by creative chef Tom are worth a journey such as the chicken parfait and the pickled tongue. They also sell Hobart's best bread here (from Pigeon Whole Bakers) as an added bonus.

Read a full review here Pigeon Hole

93 Goulburn St, West Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6236 9306

Written on Tea

Written on Tea in the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay is our restaurant of choice when we want an informal meal in Hobart. There are five or six dishes that we are addicted to and order every time we go here (which is often).

Read a full review here: Written on Tea

Shop 6, 236 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay. Tel. +61 3 6223 3298

Crumb Street Kitchen

Here is a place that has turned into a phenomenon overnight! The opening hours are erratic, the fit-out is just as erratic, you drink from paper cups, your food is served in pizza boxes, the cutlery is plastic and yet people queue up here to ensure that they are among the lucky ones who can order before the food runs out! Simply go here for fabulous smoked brisket and ribs slowly cooked for 18 hours and their pulled pork sandwiches. You won't find better in Tasmania.

Read a full review here: Crumb Street Kitchen

144 Harrington St, Hobart. Tel +61 3 6234 7002

Berta Coffee. Food. Wine.

Alex Jovanovic and Aisha Wilson have recently reinvented the space they formerly occupied as Piccolo in North Hobart as a daytime cafe and eatery called Berta. The menu now is simpler with breakfast and lunch dishes featured. They are now also open for dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

Read a full review here: Berta

323a Elizabeth St, North Hobart, Tel. +61 3 6234 4844.

Property of: Pilgrim

Property of Pilgrim is the dining space attached to the popular Pilgrim coffee venue. The food served here is innovative and prepared with skill and attention to detail. We look forward to seeing the development of the menu here.

Read a full review here: Property of: Pilgrim

52 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tel. +61 3 6234 1999

The Standard

The Standard is a new laneway venue serving very good hamburgers and fries in central Hobart run by the Pilgrim crew from next door.

The Standard, the Double Standard and the Chicken Burger are all delightful as are the fries. There is a great ambience here as you eat your burger sitting on milk crates.

Read a full review here: The Standard

Laneway near 52 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tel. +61 3 6234 1999


Pierre's restaurant in the heart of Launceston has been an institution for decades. New owners have now remodelled the interior giving it a more contemporary feel and the menu is now inspired by the food of France. It is a reliable and relaxing venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Read a full review here: Pierre's

88 George St, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6331 6835

Me Wah (Launceston)

The Me Wah is a well-established part of the vibrant Launceston dining scene. The service is excellent, the wine list stellar and the food is very good especially the dumplings and noodle dishes.

Read a full review here: Me Wah (Launceston)

39-41 Invermay Road, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6331 1308

Laneway Cafe

Laneway is both a place to go for a light meal or for a cup of coffee and some very good cake or pastries. It is also a deli where you can buy some of the best produce from the local region.

Read a full review here: Laneway Cafe

2/38 Steele St, Devonport. Tel. +61 3 6424 4333

Fresh on Charles

Fresh on Charles is one of the most interesting and innovative cafes in Launceston. It always has great coffee, interesting vegetarian food and service that matches the vibe of the café. We love the breakfasts here.

Read a full review here: Fresh on Charles

178 Charles St, Launceston. Tel +61 3 6331 4299


Pasha's restaurant serves fresh, tasty, expertly-prepared Turkish food at reasonable prices. This is a great place for sharing food with friends.

Pasha has also opened another outlet in Kettering, south of Hobart.

Read a full review here: Pasha's

218 Elizabeth St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 6300

Smokey Joe's Creole Cafe

Smokey Joe's is a great place for experiencing the foods of the southern United States and Mexico with the occasional foray into Cuba and some Central American cuisines. The enthusiastic owner is always trying out new dishes and new ingredients. He loves smoking foods and is a dab hand at integrating chilli flavours into dishes. Try the Redemption Sauce with the Pork Shoulder!

Read a full review here: Smokey Joe's Creole Cafe

20 Lawrence St, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6331 0530

Orizuru Sushi Bar

Orizuru Sushi Bar is housed in the Mures complex right on Hobart's waterfront. The sashimi is very fresh and the sushi is made with care.

Read a full review here: Orizuru Sushi Bar

Victoria Dock, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 1790


Choga is a small, informal Korean restaurant serving very good food in Sandy Bay. It is a regular haunt of ours.

Read a full review here: Choga

Shop 1/4 Russell Cres. Sandy Bay. Tel. +61 3 6224 4570


Sawak is a small cafe in Hobart serving pleasant Malaysian dishes with influences from the Sarawak area. We love the Bak Kut Teh which is a soup made from herbs and simmered pork bones with a deep flavour that reminds us of the Chinese herbal restaurants we used to haunt in Kuala Lumpur.

Read a full review here: Sawak

131a Collins St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 3622

Raincheck Lounge

Raincheck Lounge is a comfortable, inviting and accommodating café cum restaurant in North Hobart which serves some interesting food and the occasional unusual beverage. It is a cool place to hang out while you are waiting to go to a film at the State Theatre over the road or as a venue to catch up with friends over a drink or some tapas dishes.

392-394 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 5975

Read a full review here: Raincheck Lounge

Country dining

Once you move outside the major centres of Hobart and Launceston, good restaurants are few and far between, especially with the sale of Angasi at Binalong Bay. However there are some gems outside the cities where you can get very good food.

Red Velvet Lounge

The Red Velvet Lounge is a favourite country destination for us. Owner and chef Steve Cumper is involved in every detail and actively seeks out local producers from the fertile area around this small town. It is advisable to book as it is very popular.

Read a full review here Red Velvet Lounge

24 Mary St, Cygnet. Tel +61 3 6295 0466

Lotus Eaters

The denizens of Cygnet are fortunate to have two places of such good quality to choose from. The Lotus Eaters features a changing menu chalked on a blackboard. The cooking here is deft and the resultant dishes delicious.

Read a full review here Lotus Eaters

10 Mary St, Cygnet. Tel +61 3 6295 1996

Ut Si Cafe

Ut Si is a delightful cafe in Perth on the Midland Highway where we always stop for coffee or lunch on our travels within the state. Housed in a delightful converted church building the cafe is bright and airy and the food simple and delicious. The coffee is excellent.

Read a full review here Ut Si Cafe

86 Main Rd, Perth. Tel +61 3 6398 1125

The Cat's Tongue

Andy Abramowich makes the most beautiful chocolates in Tasmania which he sells under The Cat's Tongue brand. He has now gone one step further and opened a stunning chocolate shop cum café in Huonville where you can get good coffee, great savoury snacks, wonderful ice creams and, of course, chocolates!

Read a full review here The Cat's Tongue

Shop 3, 11-13 Wilmot Rd, Huonville. Tel +61 428 411 455

Note: If you click on the link above to read the full review you will notice that the review displays three hearts. This is because we give three hearts for the quality of the chocolates here - we think they are the best in Tasmania and among the best in Australia. Here we are giving one heart for the cafe which we also like very much.

Drift Cafe and Restaurant

Drift Cafe and Restaurant occupies a modern space right on the beach at Devonport's Bluff area. It offers a mix of formal and informal dining in the same space with cafeteria-style ordering mixed with table service. The food we have eaten there has been very good.

Read a full review here Drift Cafe and Restaurant

41 Bluff Rd, Devonport. Tel +61 3 6424 4695

Dunalley Fish Market

The Dunalley Fish Market in Tasmania's south-east is a perfect place to stop on the way to or the way back from the Port Arthur historic site. They specialise in fresh, local fish sold directly to them by the people who catch them - something of a rarity in Tasmania unfortunately.

Read a full review here Dunalley Fish Market

11 Fulham Rd, Dunalley. Tel +61 3 6253 5428


Masaaki has a restaurant in Geeveston as well as a stall at the Farm Gate Market held in Hobart each Sunday morning. He makes very good sushi and uses superbly fresh fish for his sashimi.

Read a full review here: Masaaki

20b Church St, Geeveston. No phone.

Joseph CHromy Cellar Restaurant

This smart building houses this cellar door restaurant in the north of the state. The food is based on the standard approach of Tasmanian vineyard restaurants with vineyard platters front and centre.

Read a full review here: Joseph Chromy Cellar Restaurant

370 Relbia Road, Relbia. Tel. +61 3 6335 8700

Freycinet Marine Farm

Freycinet Marine Farm is a great place to learn about and taste some of the best oysters and mussels in Australia. The cafe here is very simple and the food is designed to highlight the quality of their products. But you can eat very well.

Read a full review here: Freycinet Marine Farm

1784 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay Tel. +61 3 6257 0140

The Apple Shed

The Apple Shed is a bar, a café and a museum dedicated to the history and future of apples in the Huon Valley and also to apple cider - a particular passion of the owners Andrew Smith and Sam Reid who produce the Willie Smith's Organic Cider range.

Read a full review here: Freycinet Marine Farm

2064 Huon Highway, Grove. Tel. +61 3 6266 4345



Palate at the Saffire

We have included Palate at the Saffire resort at Coles Bay even though you need to stay there to dine at the restaurant. We have done this because the food designed by Executive Chef Hugh Whitehouse is just so good.

Palate at Saffire

Great coffee

Over the past twenty years there has been a gradual improvement in the quality of coffee in Tasmania. The places listed below are where we head if we want a reliable cup of coffee.

Tricycle Cafe and Bar ♥♥

We often drop into Tricycle for a coffee not only because it is just a short walk from our office but also because they are very serious about their coffee. Their normal blend is excellent and when they have a single origin we always enjoy those as well.

Read a full review here: Tricycle

77 Salamanca Place, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6223 7228

Yellow Bernard ♥♥

Yellow Bernard is a tiny but very serious coffee place in the centre of the Hobart CBD. They are one of the few places in Tasmania where you will find a cold filter machine. The owners are very passionate about their coffee and on the many visits that we have made here the coffee has always been of a very high standard.

Read a full review here: Yellow Bernard

Shop 1, 109 Collins St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 5207

Pilgrim Coffee ♥♥

Pilgrim Coffee has slowly emerged as one of Hobart's leading places to head to for serious coffee. The proprietor, Will Priestley, is very knowledgeable about all things to do with growing, processing and preparing coffee and each staff member has learned to match his standards.
We have been interested to follow the continued evolution here as the café has changed into a daytime dining venue and then the emergence out the back of the very popular hamburger bolthole called The Standard.

Read a full review here: Pilgrim Coffee

48 Argyle St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 1999

Zimmah Coffee

Zimmah Coffee is a complete coffee complex serving coffee to the public, roasting coffee, selling coffee equipment and conducting courses in how to make coffee. The coffee here is very good so it is worth seeking out their hideaway!

Read a full review here: Zimmah Coffee

219B Murray St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6235 5044

Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole is as much a social scene as a café. You go there expecting that you will know many of the customers - and that is partly because the place is always crowded with regulars who return again and again for good coffee and interesting food.

Read a full review here: Pigeon Hole

93 Goulburn Street, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6236 9306

Laneway Cafe

Laneway Cafe is tucked away in a lane that runs off Steele Street on the fringe of Devonport's CBD. Sometimes we walk into a café or bar and instantly feel an affection for the place. It is something about the way the staff carry themselves, maybe the warmth of the smile, maybe just the way the place is arranged or maybe the little touches that show they care. This was the reaction we had on walking in to Laneway without knowing a thing about it.

Read a full review here: Laneway Cafe

2/38 Steele St, Devonport. Tel. +61 3 6424 4333

Gioconda Coffee Roasters

Gioconda Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and a place to go to sit and read a magazine and sip a cup of well-made coffee or to get a takeaway. The beans are roasted on the premises (you can't miss the huge roaster in the window).

Read a full review here: Gioconda Coffee Roasters

Rooke Lane (near Steele St), Devonport. Tel. +61 467 406 303


Smolt is one of our most frequented plces for coffee due to its proximity to our office in Hobart's Salamanca Square. The coffee here is always produced by a barista with a very good understanding of both the coffee beans and the machine they are using. They are always packed from the minute the doors swing open.

Read a full review here: Smolt

2 Salamanca Square, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6224 2554

Retro Cafe

The Retro Café in Hobart was one of the first eateries in Tasmania's famous Salamanca Place area. This café has become an institution. It is the sort of place where interstate and overseas visitors arrange to meet because it is such a well-known landmark.
The coffee is what made the Retro famous. They take it very seriously. They also serve good breakfast dishes despite having one of the smallest kitchens in the known universe!

Read a full review here: Retro Cafe

31 Salamanca Place, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6223 3073

Ut Si

Ut Si Café is a pleasant venue in the sleepy town of Perth, just south of Launceston in Tasmania. It is in a restored church building and provides a very airy, relaxing environment for customers. The service is charming. We always stop in here for a very good coffee or a pleasant lunch on our journeys around Tasmania.

Read a full review here: Ut Si

86 Main Rd, Perth. Tel. +61 3 6398 1125

Secret Buddha Cafe

Secret Buddha Café is located in the grounds of a plant nursery in the suburbs of Burnie - not the sort of place you expect to find well-made coffee and tasty snacks! They serve a small glass of mineral water with coffee here.

Read a full review here: Secret Buddha Cafe

63 West Park Grove, Burnie. No phone.

Inside Cafe

Inside Café is a very smart new café in the heart of Launceston serving very good coffee and enormous meals for lunch and breakfast that need to undergo some refinement.
The coffee beans are roasted by Hobart firm Villino and on the days we have called in the single origin has been a very good Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Read a full review here: Inside Cafe

10-14 Paterson St, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 6331 7348

Elizabeth St Food + Wine

Elizabeth St Food + Wine is both a food store stocking only Tasmanian products and a café cum restaurant that you can drop into any time of the day for a cup of coffee or a snack or a full meal.

Read a full review here: Elizabeth St Food + Wine

285 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 2626

Villino Espresso

Villino Espresso is a small, cozy café in a quaint side street in the Hobart CBD. The food is nothing to write home about, but the coffee is quite serious and that is why most people come here.

Read a full review here: Villino Espresso

30 Criterion Street, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 0890

Pop Cafe

Pop Café is a pleasant venue in Hobart's CBD serving very good coffee and some flavoursome hamburgers and pressed sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

Read a full review here: Pop Cafe

178 Collins Street, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 7999

Cupulus Espresso

Capulus Espresso is essentially a takeaway coffee bar at the back of a hairdressing salon in Elizabeth St with the entrance and serving area around the corner in Tasma St. The coffee here is very good.

Read a full review here: Capulus Espresso

271 Elizabeth St, Hobart. Tel. +61 459 661 001

Other cafes with good coffee

Others that we like are Bruce's in Wynyard, the Criterion St Cafe, Island Cafe in Elizabeth St, the Jackman and McRoss properties (Battery Point, New Town and Victoria St in Hobart), Deli Central and 33 Cups in Ulverstone and Croplines in Launceston.

We also like the coffee at Tombolo at Coles Bay (6 Garnet Avenue) but be aware that they (sensibly) close over winter.


Hobart and Launceston offer a number of bar experiences that are quirky, interesting and exciting. Here are our top picks.

Sidecar ♥♥♥

Sidecar is a bar round the corner from mothership, Garagistes. This is a good place to go to simply enjoy a drink or for a longer stay to graze on some very good food. The wines are all natural (with many by the glass) and there is also a small selection of gin, whisky, grappa etc. The place is tiny but very cool! And the yellow meat slicer must be the coolest in the state!

129 Bathurst St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 1338

Saint John ♥♥

Saint John is a vibrant, lively bar in Launceston that specialises in local and imported beer. They have six beers on tap using a unique tap system behind the bar connected to kegs in the coolroom through the wall. You can also peruse the shelves for beers to take away. A great addition to Tasmania's bar scene.

133 St John St, Launceston. Tel. +61 3 424 175 147

Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery and Café is a very popular venue on Hobart's waterfront, with locals who make Friday nights a regular gig here and with tourists who drop in to sample the fine Tasmanian whisky that they offer.

14 Davey St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 9088

Upstairs at Ethos

Upstairs at Ethos is the cocktail cum wine bar that offers snacks and interesting cocktails in a convivial space above Ethos Eat Drink restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the food comes straight from the Ethos kitchen.

100 Elizabeth St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6231 1165

IXL Long Bar

From the Long Bar in the Henry Jones Art Hotel you can almost touch the fishing boats bobbing at their moorings. If there is no space at the bar, grab one of the comfortable couches in the hotel foyer.

25 Hunter St, Hobart. Tel. +61 3  6210 7700

Grape Bar

Grape Bar Bottleshop is a pleasant drinking venue in the heart of Hobart's tourist precinct Salamanca Place. There is a large range of local, interstate and overseas wines available and some well-cooked food to accompany it. They often have a J J Plum Riesling by the glass.

55 Salamanca Place, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6224 0611

Dickens Ciderhouse

Dickens Ciderhouse is a small, pleasant bar in both Launceston and Hobart serving their own Tasmanian cider and perry and a small selection of local wines.
We quite like the Old English Cider and often drop in for a glass when we are in Launceston.

63 Brisbane St, Launceston. Tel +61 3 6334 8915

22 Montpelier Retreat, Hobart.


There are some interesting small markets popping up throughout Tasmania. The longest running and the most popular with tourists is the Saturday morning Salamanca Market. However an interesting new market has recently opened on the roof of the now famous MONA museum. Called MoMa it is held on Saturday afternoon from January until April. Here you will find stalls from star producers such as Miellerie Honey, Ashbolts with their iconic olive oil, Eatem Organic Farm with their organic farm produce and Ice IceCreamery with their excellent fruit-based ice creams. Varuni Kulasekera from Chado The Way of Tea is always there with her unsurpassed range of teas from China, Sri Lanka, Japan and India as well as her famous Wine Lovers Blend that we rely on to ameliorate the effects of drinking too much wine.

There is also the Farm Gate Market in Hobart each Sunday morning where food lovers gather to source fresh fruit and vegetables. Another market that is well-worth a visit is the Saturday morning Festival market in the Cimitiere St car park in Launceston which attracts a great range of the best producers from the north of the state. We like the fact that Elgaar cook some simple dishes here such as a wonderful Croque Monsieur made with slices of their cheese and some lovely ham.

There is also a farmers market (Cradle Coast Market) at Ulverstone once a month which is held on the riverside. There are some very good stalls here including the Preston Old Schoool House organic vegetable stall and Four Springs Produce with their heirloom tomatoes.

Food shops

Tasmania is particularly lucky with the quality of the food shops throughout the state. Many feature local produce. Here are some of the best.

Wursthaus Kitchen ♥♥

Wursthaus Kitchen is one of the best food stores in Australia and one of our favourites. They stock an impressive array of Tasmanian food products and wines that sit alongside the very best from interstate and overseas. European wines have been added to the offerings much to the delight of regulars.

Read a full review here: Wursthaus Kitchen

1 Montpelier Retreat, Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6224 0644

There is also an outlet in the Quadrant Mall in Launceston

Hill St grocer ♥♥♥

The Hill Street Grocer is one of the best local grocery stores we have encountered on our many travels. The staff are friendly and anxious to ensure the best products are available.

Read a full review here: Hill St Grocer

109 Hill Street, West Hobart. Tel. +61 3 6234 6849

Sweet Envy ♥♥♥

Sweet Envy burst onto the Tasmanian food scene with a bang not a whimper! The window display is pulling strollers up in their tracks and, once bitten, they keep coming back for more of the delicious cakes, pastries, macaroons, 'real' ice creams, biscuits and confectionary.

Read a full review here: Sweet Envy

Bottega Rotolo

Bottega Rotolo in Hobart is run by Silvana Taurian and Tina Stephens both of whom are passionate about the food and wine they offer for sale here.
The shop and cooking school area occupies a huge space which also provides space for people to drop in and have a coffee or a glass of wine. They also have take-away prepared food as well.

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The Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers ♥♥♥

Andy Abramowich makes the most beautiful chocolates in Tasmania which he sells under The Cat's Tongue brand. He has now gone one step further and opened a stunning chocolate shop cum café in Huonville where you can get good coffee, great savoury snacks (such as salt cod fritters), wonderful ice creams and, of course, chocolates!

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Aproneers is a food store on Hobart's eastern shore that as captured the imagination of food lovers from both sides of the Derwent River.
The offerings here are exciting and labelled according to place of origin as consumers now expect.

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Davies Grand Central

Davies Grand Central deserves its success because there is no other place like it in Australia. Where else can you fill up with petrol, buy an aromatic Pinot Gris and get some of the best food products available to take home?

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Norman and Dann

Norman and Dann is a cheery store in Salamanca Place selling everything that is trendy for the kitchen. A small but carefully selected range of cookbooks sits beside a range of Tasmanian wine which in turn is surrounded by coffee plungers, coffee machines, tea pots, cork screws, mortar and pestles and much much more. But people also flock here for the beautifully presented chocolates and the perfect selection of local and interstate canned, bottled and packaged foods.

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York Town Organics ♥♥

Some of the best produce in Tasmania can be sourced from York Town Organics. Situated up a corrugated road just north of Beaconsfield in the Tamar Valley, Bruce and Clare Jackson have shown just how hard work and dedication can lead to extraordinarily high quality produce.

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Alps & Amici

Alps and Amici is a converted, existing shop in East Launceston run by Daniel and Sally Alps and Ken Latona and Sabrina Pirie. It looks stylish and the range of foods on offer is impressive and well-chosen.

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Vermey's Quality Meats ♥♥

Vermey's Meats is an excellent butcher in Sandy Bay in Tasmania. They always have a great assortment of high-quality meat and good availability of less-easy-to-locate items such as offal. The staff are very friendly and always anxious to help in any way they can.

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Elizabeth St Food + Wine

Elizabeth St Food + Wine is both a food store stocking only Tasmanian products and a café cum restaurant that you can drop into any time of the day for a cup of coffee or a snack or a full meal. The products sold here have been carefully chosen by the owner Karen Goodwin-Roberts and represent the best Tasmania has to offer.

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A Common Ground

A Common Ground is a joint venture of cheesemaker Nick Haddow, Matthew Evans and Ross O'Meara. This must be Tasmania's smallest shop squeezed under the stairs in the Salamanca Arts Centre. However there is an interesting range of Nick's cheeses, Ross and Matthew's smallgoods and preserves and a selection of some of Tasmania's best products including the 'Sweet and Raw Organic Honey' from Pelverata, Burnside Olive Oil from Sorell, Callington Mill flour, hazelnuts from Paul Morris and the lightly roasted Burundi coffee from Ritual Coffee in Launceston.

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Bruny Island Providore

Bruny Island Providore is the outlet for the wonderful treats created by Micheal Carnes, one of the most talented producers in Tasmania. Situated in the parkland gardens of the Hiba estate on Bruny Island this is a great place to visit when on the island.

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Delish Fine Foods

Delish Fine Foods is a very good delicatessen and café on the outskirts of Burnie in Tasmania. The range of Tasmanian and interstate products is impressive. It is the perfect place for stocking your larder in this part of the state.

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Deli Central & Cafe

Deli Central & Café is a small, pleasant delicatessen and café in the centre of the sleepy north west town of Ulverstone.
You can go here to buy standard deli lines such as ham or smoked salmon or you can buy pre-prepared meals to take-away. They also serve a reasonably good Genovese coffee.

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Salmon Shop

The Salmon Shop is the retail outlet for salmon farmers Tassal. The shop is packed with salmon products and many Tasmanian bottled, bagged and boxed products. Many interstate visitors make this a complulsory stop before heading home.

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Mures Fish Centre

Mures Fish Centre is our fishmonger of preference. They always have a small but interesting selection of fish. It is the prime place to go for deep-sea blue-eye trevalla which is caught by their own fleet of fishing boats.

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Barilla Bay Oyster Farm

The retail shop at the Barilla Bay Oyster Farm is a perfect place to stock up on fresh seafood and iconic Tasmanian products ranging from jars of honey, to cool-climate wines to jams made from fresh Tasmanain berries.

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Chinese Emporium

The Chinese Emporium is one of two Hobart shops specialising in Asian ingredients (the other is Wing & Co in Sandy Bay), Chinese Emporium is well worth a visit for specialist Asian ingredients, such as jellyfish, dried fish, palm sugar, salted black beans, and preserved vegetables.

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Italian Pantry

The Italian Pantry has a good selection of Italian products such as dried pasta, Parmesan cheese, fresh ricotta, good olive oils and some Italian wines.

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Wing and Co

Each year Wing and Co keeps getting better and better. The range of fresh produce is expanding. They always have fresh noodles in the fridge and you can always find essentials such as fresh Kaffir lime leaves (if you don't have a tree in your garden).
Their range of soy sauces is excellent. They also have a great range of tinned and bottled products.

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Spice World

Spice World is a rising star on the Hobart food scene. Those in the know come here for the vast range of spices that are now available. If you about to prepare a dish and suddenly find that you are out of ajwan seeds or your asofoetida powder is past its prime then Spice World is the place to go.

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Cygneture Chocolates

Gillian Ryan has established Cygneture Chocolates as a vibrant business in the foodie haven of Cygnet in Southern Tasmania. Here she uses fresh, local produce from the verdant valleys of the area to craft a fine array of delicious chocolates, truffles, ganaches, honeycomb and caramels.

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Nutpatch Confectionery

Nutpatch Confectionery is a pleasant shop selling nicely crafted chocolates and other confectionery items many of which feature hazelnuts from their nearby hazelnut orchard situated on the slopes overlooking Kettering. The orchard has over 1000 trees including over thirty different varieties of hazelnut tree.

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Cygnet Butchery

A typical country butcher with an atypical range of products. The sausages here are very good and we also like the house-made bacon.

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Gourlay's Sweet Shop

Gourlay's Sweet Shop was a part of the childhood pleasures of many generations of Tasmanians, especially children from the country visiting Launceston on a special occasion. Children are more worldly now but even the most hardened child (or adult for that matter) is likely to be moved to smile at row upon row of large jars of boiled lollies.

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Bruny Island Cheese Company

The Bruny Island Cheese Company is a producer of Tasmanian cheese and organic wood-fired bread. Their produce is available from their store in Great Bay on Bruny Island as well as A Common Ground in Salamanca Place.

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House of Anvers

Igor van Gerwen's House of Anvers has something for everybody. Garden lovers will be enthralled by the sweeping gardens full of interesting trees. Those in search of a snack and a coffee can take advantage of the outdoor tables to savour their experience. Those interested in the history and practice of chocolate-making can view the small museum of chocolate history and then watch the truffles and other confections being made through the viewing window.

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Black Forest Smallgoods

Siegfried and Liz Plischke run Black Forest Smallgoods, a small but interesting shop in Invermay just a few minutes walk from the centre of Launceston. Here you will find many of the European smallgoods made by the former owner Thomas Beuke as well as a good selection from other Tasmanian and interstate producers.

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Eumarrah is a friendly place where you can locate many good organic products such as nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables, flour, pulses and other kitchen basics.

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The Honey Farm

The Honey Farm at Chudleigh has become a must-visit venue for tourists enjoying a drive through the Deloraine area. This delightful outlet is run by the Beerepoot family where they sell a wide variety of honey and honey products.

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Healey Pyengana Cheese Factory

The Healey Pyengana Cheese Factory is a must-visit venue in the state's beautiful north East region. Pyengana and Ringarooma are thriving dairying areas with a tradition for making great cheddar. Jon Healey, a third-generation cheese-maker, makes Pyengana cloth matured cheddar.

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Ashgrove Farm

Ashgrove Farm is situated beside the Bass Highway about 20 kilometres north-west of Deloraine. This vibrant cheese factory specialises in English-style cheeses. The milk is produced from the paddocks surrounding the factory where 800 cows graze contentedly on the wonderful pastures. The cheeses produced here range from a very good vintage cheddar, to a farmhouse Cheshire through to a crumbly Lancashire.

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New Town Greenstore

The New Town Greenstore offers a range of very good organic products including lemons from trees in the area that haven't been sprayed, the amazing avocados from Spreyton, potatoes from various organic producers in Tasmania and much more.

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A few years ago Tasmania was a bread disaster area. However, now we have some very good choices available.

Pigeon Whole Bakers

Apiece Sourdough Bakery

Summer Kitchen

Red Velvet Lounge


Bruny Island Cheese Company

Companion Bakery

Ut Si

Tasmanian Wines

Tasmania is well-known for its cool-climate wines. The quality varies enormously, but the good ones are very good. Our strong preference is for wines made without the use of pesticides and herbicides and fungicides or any of the many additions in the winery such as commercial yeast and fining agents. Some of our favourites are listed below.

d'Meure wines ♥♥♥

d'Meure Wines at Birchs Bay in Tasmania's far south is one of the few producers of natural wines in the state. Dirk Meure understands the need to roduce quality fruit free of pesticides and herbicides if wine is to be produced naturally. He practices biodynamic viticulture. He is also willing to experiment and this year has produced possibly the first orange wine ever bottled commercially in the state.

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Stefano Lubiana Wines

Stefano Lubiana has converted his beautiful vineyard overlooking the middle reaches of the Derwent River to biodynamic viticulture and is gradually adopting natural winemaking techniques. He laready has some cuvees that are fermented naturally and we are looking forward to more.

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Other organic or biodynamic vineyards

There are very few organic or biodynamic vineyards that are also making their wine naturally in Tasmania.

Some that are getting there are Sinapius Vineyard at Pipers Brook, Bagdad Hills winery at Bagdad, Yaxley Estate at Copping, Three Wishes Vineyard in the Tamar Valley, Liffey Valley Vineyard at Liffey  and Parallax Vineyard at Sorell.

Top Producers

The quality of produce is exceptional in Tasmania. Here are some of our current favourite producers.

Provenance Growers

Yorktown Organics

Miellerie Honey

Elgaar Farm

Spreyton Avocados

Lentara Grove Olive Oil

Ashbolt Olive Oil

Stephens Leatherwood Honey

Bruny Island Food

Fork and Hoe Collective

Tas-Saff Saffron

The Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers

Spring Bay Seafood

Preston Old School Farm

Tassie Blue Blueberries

Tongola Fresh Goat Cheese

Shima Wasabi

Woodbridge Smokehouse

Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company Products

Tasmanian Honey Company

41 Degrees South Smoked Trout

Cape Grim Mineral Water

Cavanough Mineral Water

Hazelbrae Hazelnuts

Wine Shops

The places below are where we go to source fine wines.

Tasmanian Wine Centre

The Pinot Shop

Wursthaus Kitchen

Remi de Provence


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