Jasnieres wine appellation

Jasnieres is a wine appellation in the centre of the Loire Valley that is gaining attention for the beautiful white wines that are being produced here. It straddles the departments of Sarthe and Indre-et-Loire to the north-west of the city of Tours.

In addition, some of the main producers here are growing their grapes biodynamically and producing their wines naturally.

Wines here are made from Chenin Blanc - one of the great grapes of the Loire Valley. This grape is capable of producing stunning white wines of enormous potential and great longevity.

The extent of the appellation is quite confined, covering only 65 hectares.


These wines are fresh and floral when they are very young and then develop more and more complexity as they age. They can last for decades!

Domaine de Bellivière

Eric and Christine Nicolas of Domaine de Bellivière produce some beautifullly-crafted wines from their 9 hectares of old and new vines in the Jasnieres appellation.

If you want to try a wine that expresses the best of what can be achieved in this appellation try their Calligramme which is a piercing white wine made from Chenin Blanc that is picked from vines that are over 50 years old. The wine is pale yellow in colour with flecks of green. The nose has lemon, lime and green apples to the fore. The green apples extend to the flavour which is quite harmonious and also quite long and lingering. The finish also gives hints of the tuffeau (limestone) in which the vines are grown.

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