The Foodtourist Guide to Breakfast in Australia

We are always searching for the perfect breakfast. When travelling it is wonderful to start the day with a perfect coffee, some fresh fruit juice and an interesting breakfast dish. Unfortunately these are few and far between!

So we decided to assemble a list of some of our favourite breakfast places - the ones we regularly return to on our travels within Australia.



Gauge is one of our favourite breakfast places in Australia. Tucked away across the river from the CBD, this popular restaurant seems to tick all of the boxes. The coffee is excellent, the food is seriously good and the staff are efficient, friendly and incredibly enthusiastic about what they are doing.

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77 Grey St, South Brisbane

New South Wales

Boon Cafe

We love Boon Cafe so much that we actually try to stay quite close to here so that we can wander down in the morning to sample the very good coffee and the sensational Asian-inflected dishes that are available at breakfast time.

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1/425 Pitt Street, Sydney

Reuben Hills

In Sydney we always stay in Surry Hills due to the vibrant food scene there. The day always starts with a trip to Reuben Hills to enjoy breakfast in the cavernous space below their coffee roastery. The coffee is excellent and the staff are always eager to suggest a blend to suit the style of coffee you prefer. And the food is very good, with the 'not Reuben sandwich' a perfect dish to help recover from the previous night's excesses.

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61 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW


Cumulus Inc

Mornings in Melbourne invariably see us heading to Cumulus Inc for a strong coffee and their signature breakfast dish of Shakshouka which is baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish or the light and delicious watermelon and strawberry salad. The service here is always very professional and efficient.

Read more about breakfast at Cumulus in Melbourne

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
156 Elgin St, Carlton, Vic

Australian Capital Territory

Mocan and Green Grout

Mocan and Green Grout is a cool little café in the rather pleasant new development in New Acton in Canberra. The café features ethically sourced produce such as fair trade coffee, free range eggs from Temora, fresh water trout from Tumut and sustainable seafood from the NSW south coast. It is a very pleasant environment and the food is cooked with skill and care. The service is also very professional and friendly.

Read more about breakfast at Mocan and Green Grout

1/19 Marcus Clarke St

Silo Bakery

Silo Bakery in a suburban shopping centre in Canberra is also an ACT favourite. We have enjoyed breakfast here on dozens of occasions over a long period of time and have always been impressed with how the same owners have maintained their high standards over the years.

Read more about breakfast at Silo Bakery

36 Giles Street Kingston ACT


Bryher Café

Bryher Café & Caterers is a very pleasant space in George St in Launceston. The cakes and pastries are made on the premises, the coffee is good (supplied by Zimmah), the bread comes from one of our favourite bakers (Apiece in Ravenswood) and the welcoming smile comes from the owner.

Read more about breakfast at Bryher Cafe in Launceston

91 George Street, Launceston

West Australia

Small Print

Brookfield Place has turned dining and drinking in Perth on its head. The Print Hall now dominates this space, but tucked away downstairs is a quiet little haven where some absolutely excellent coffee and nice pastries are being served throughout the day. This is a very good place for that early morning heart starter. The coffee is roasted on site.

Brookfield Place, 125 St George's Tce., Perth, WA

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