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Franklin, Hobart

Published 10th October 2014 | Review

Franklin is the breathtaking new bar and restaurant established by talented chef David Moyle and long-term industry player Ben Lindell. The bar menu is short and features the best of Tasmania's amazing produce with an emphasis on fresh seafood. The wine list features a carefully curated range of natural wines from Australia, France and Italy. There is also an interesting selection of beers from Tasmania and beyond. This is definitely going to be a destination venue for visitors to Hobart!

Pigeon Whole Bakers, Hobart

Published 10th October 2014 | Review

Pigeon Whole Bakers has recently moved to the revitalised Mercury building in central Hobart. The Argyle St venue is where the baking is carried out during the night and where they now have a retail presence. They produce great loaves of sourdough, wonderful fruit loaves, spelt bread, crusty baguettes or something sweet such as a bag of biscuits or a jam-filled doughnut.

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Cafe Sillon, Lyon

Published 24th September 2014 | Review

Café Sillon is a welcome addition to the vibrant Lyon dining scene. It is not too formal yet the staff are quite serious about what they are trying to achieve. The food is modern without being too far in front of the curve and the wine list has plenty of natural wines to satisfy the needs of their clients. We loved this place from the moment we walked in.

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Le Saint Eutrope, Clermont-Ferrand

Published 14th September 2014 | Review

Le Saint Eutrope is one of the best value restaurants serving quality food outside Paris. The quality of the ingredients is exceptional, the skill of the chef is outstanding and the breadth and value of the natural wine list makes it one that we would make a journey for!

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Cupping Room, Hong Kong

Published 31st August 2014 | Review

The Cupping Room is one of the best places in Hong Kong to score a coffee. The baristas here are incredibly passionate about their work and they always take the time to explain what they have made for you and the reasons why they have done it the way they have. Every day they have a rotating list of single origin specialties with strong representation from Ethiopia and Central America.

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Ho Lee Fook, Hong Kong

Published 30th August 2014 | Review

Ho Lee Fook is the lovely new restaurant established by Jowett Yu in Hong Kong's Central district right near Hollywood Road. The food contains personal interpretations of food from across Asia, all cooked with skill and imagination.

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La Cabane a Vin, Hong Kong

Published 29th August 2014 | Review

La Cabane a Vin is now always the first stop when we arrive in Hong Kong. The dedicated team here have assembled a great collection of natural wines from throughout France and beyond (they have wines from some of the emerging natural winemakers in Australia, for example). We go here to stock up on some natural wines to take to restaurants that encourage BYO - the Chairman springs to mind.

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Vita: Nature + Culture, Hobart

Published 20th July 2014 | Review

Vita is a new cafe dedicated to frozen yoghurt that is made using local milk and local flavourings wherever possible. It is an airy, informal space that adopts a "serve yourself" approach to the frozen yoghurt and the broad range of toppings that are available. You then present your creation to the cashier and it is weighed and you are charged accordingly.

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Infuse Coffee Roasters, Burnie

Published 20th July 2014 | Review

Infuse Coffee Roasters is both a coffee roaster and a café where you can try their excellent products. If you can't get to their South Burnie outlet you can find their coffee served at over twenty cafes on the North West Coast and at a number of hairdressers as well. They also sell to a number of retail outlets including the Hill Street chain in Hobart.

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Foodtourist Cookbook Recommendations: June

Published 2nd June 2014 | Book Reviews

This month we review two cookbooks that have excellent and interesting recipes. The first is the just-released Paris cookbook by former Chez Panisse pastry chef, David Lebovitz. The recipes are not all French but range broadly through France and around the Mediterranean.

The second is one we have been meaning to write about for a while. It is by Yotam Ottolenghi who was originally from Israel and Sami Tamimi who was from Palestine. Both now live in London. Their book contains fascinating recipes that you want to try the minute you read them. We also like the fact that many of the recipes are based on vegetables rather than protein, although there are recipes for fish, poultry and lamb as well.

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Apiece Sourdough Bakery, Ravenswood

Published 25th April 2014 | Review

Apiece Sourdough Bakery produces fantastic, real sourdough in an unassuming space in an unassuming shopping mall in Ravenswood which is a suburb of Launceston. However it is now on our must-visit list for the wonderful loaves of bread, the pizza slices, the pastries that are lovingly made here.

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Saint John, Launceston

Published 25th April 2014 | Review

Saint John is a vibrant, lively bar in Launceston that specialises in local and imported beer. They have six beers on tap using a unique tap system behind the bar connected to kegs in the coolroom through the wall. You can also peruse the shelves for beers to take away. A great addition to Tasmania's bar scene.

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Brae, Birregurra

Published 25th February 2014 | Review

Dan Hunter’s Brae restaurant close to Birregurra in Victoria is the most exciting new restaurant in Australia. And it's not just the food. The understated room is beautiful, with the thoughtful connection between kitchen and dining room helping to contribute to a special experience.

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Clamato, Paris

Published date 20th February 2014 | Review

Clamato is a new venue owned by Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat of Septime. This delightful bar concentrates on the very freshest seafood and interesting, low-cost natural wines. Our recent meal here was stunning.

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Chez Remi, Angers

Published date 11th February 2014 | Review

Chez Remi is a delightful restaurant in the centre of the Loire city of Angers. Here chef Remi Fournie cooks soulful food for the locals who come back for his food time and time again. He has recently moved the restaurant from its former tiny space to new premises in the centre of the old town opposite the ever-popular bar, Le Cercle Rouge.

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La Cave des Papilles, Paris

Published 1st February 2014 | Review

La Cave des Papilles is a natural wine store in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. We go here to find unicorn wines that are not available anywhere else! On this visit we were delighted to find a number of very rare wines that we haven’t been able to locate anywhere else. This is a true treasure of a wine store!

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