Restaurants for Food Lovers: Business cards and menus

Over almost thirty years of visiting interesting restaurants in many countries around the world, the editors of (Sue Dyson and Roger McShane) have collected a wide range of business cards and menus from their favourite places. This page will be used to share their collection with you. It will gradually expand as the backlog is processed.

NOMA - Copenhagen

NOMA is currently at the pinnacle of great food experiences. The dining experience is relaxed and casual but the food is very serious.


Momofuku KO - New York

Momofuku Ko is a delightful and very intimate restaurant in New York where a few lucky diners get to share the inventive food of David Chang.


Etxebarri - Axpe-Marzana, Spain

Etxebarri has had a profound influence on the world of restaurants with grilling over coals now being de rigeur throughout the world.

And even though the menu below doesn't look very flash this is because it was hand-written by Australian chef Lennox Hastie at our table.



Bentley Restaurant & Bar - Sydney

Bentley Restaurant and Bar is one of the editors favourite haunts in Sydney. They go there for the inspiring food prepared by talented chef Brent Savage and for the eclectic wine collection assembled by Nick Hildebrandt.


Attica - Melbourne

The food of Ben Shewry is some of the best in Australia.


Alona Berri - San Sebastian

This delightful tapas bar with a tiny restaurant at the side serves some highly imaginative food.


Zuni Cafe - San Francisco

Timeless Zuni Cafe is one of the great foodie experiences. The roast chicken dish is one that should be on everyone's 'must try' list.


Yung Kee Restaurant - Hong Kong

If you go to Zuni Cafe for the best roast chicken, then you have to go to Yung Kee for the very best roast goose! This bustling restaurant is always busy and always good.

Green Man and French Horn - London

In St Martins Lane near Leicester Square this comforting restaurant specialises in French food such as the signature rillettes and natural wines sourced from all parts of the Loire Valley.

Relae - Copenhagen

The food and wine matching at this very smart restaurant in Copenhagen are superb. The wines are all natural with star winemakers such as Michel Guignier, Olivier Lemasson and Philippe Bornard featuring.

Radio - Copenhagen

Another restaurant in Copenhagen set up by alumni of NOMA, this restaurant is small, intimate and produces very good food sourced from local suppliers. The wine list features some excellent natural wines.

Vivant Table - Paris

On a recent trip to Paris, our meal at Vivant Table was one of the highlights. The food is superbly crafted from excellent ingredients and the wine list features producers on the more radical side of the natural wine movement. We thoroughly enjoyed a wine from a Burgundian producer called Yann Durieux.

259 Hackney Rd - London

This is a wine shop and bar where natural wine tragics gather to seek out interesting wines and to talk to the delightful and knowledgeable owners.

Brawn - London

Brawn is a restaurant and bar that serves excellent food and a stellar range of natural wines.

Saturne -  Paris

On our first trip to Saturne, we thought that the wine list was outstanding but that the food didn't quite stack up. However, on our more recent visits both the food and the wine were stellar.

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