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Market President Wilson HeartHeart

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: President Wilson
Country: France

President Wilson is a lovely and accessible market because there is just one long aisle and you can easily see the stalls on both sides as you squeeze your way through the shopping trolleys and inquisitive tourists.
We stopped at Poissonnerie Jacky Lorenzo because apart from the usual array of shell fish and crustaceans there were some beautifully fresh sardines (some of which had been nicely filleted) and also some snappingly fresh anchovies. We were also delighted to see those lovely sand eels that the French call Equille (they love to eat them deep-fried).
And the stall Les Chevres de Saint Vrain selling wonderful, un-wrapped goat's cheese also has an amazingly good butter.
But it is the stall of Joel Thiebault that you must really seek out. The vegetables here deserve the fame they have attracted. They are the best in the market and possibly the best of any we have seen in markets in France. On our most recent visit we were impressed with the quality of all the vegetables on display but were particularly impressed with the Maestro carrots and the Charlotte potatoes. The green leaves of mizuna, roquette and others were very impressive as well.
The market is held between rue Debrousse and Place d'Iéna.
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