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Boot Café HeartHeartHeart
Coffee shop
Open: Daily from 10am
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 6 26 41 10 66
Address: 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux
Paris, 75003
Country: France

Boot Cafe might just be the best coffee venue in Paris! We called in here on a rainy Paris winter evening and had one of the best "pour-over" coffees we have ever tasted. The beans came from Berlin, they were weighed out with precision, the equipment was prepared thoroughly and exactly the right amount of water added. The resulting coffee, once we had allowed it to come down to the best temperature, was round, deep and totally satisfying.
We returned to try their espresso the next day and were equally impressed. The beans had been ground to the right size and the grounds had been tamped correctly so that the resultant espresso was beautifully round and flavoursome without any of those burnt and/or bitter characters that can occur with a lesser barista. It was delicious. On the day we were there the beans used for the espresso had been roasted by Five Elephants in Berlin who source some great beans from Brazil and Kenya, some of which have been fermented naturally.
But, be aware that it is a very small venue with just three small tables (each with a small flower arrangement) and nine stools. They have a good sound system and you will find the likes of Lou Reed and Jeff Buckley on the playlist.
We are very pleased to find another Paris coffee venue that we can unreservedly recommend.
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