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Frenchie To Go Heart
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Open: Dinner Mon - Fri
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 40 26 23 43
Address: 9 rue du Nil
Paris, 75002
Country: France

Frenchie To Go is a favourite venue of ours in Paris in the uber cool rue du Nil which is gradually being taken over by the Frenchie crew as more and more of their ideas (restaurant, bar, takeaway, wine shop) come to fruition along the street.
Frenchie To Go is a great place for a casual lunch or a simple snack during the day on any day of the week. Despite the name, it is also possible to sit inside or out and consume the food while enjoying a glass of their cider or wine by the glass.
The sandwiches here are quite over the top! The names on the lunch menu are a mish mash of English and French. For exampe the "Pastrami on rye" has a sub-heading of "Le Gout de New York Dans Un Sandwich", whereas the "Hotdog" has the sub-heading "The Hottest Dog in Town" and the must-try "Lobster Roll" is "Un Homard A Emporter S'il Vous Plait". We love the lobster roll and the pastrami on rye - they are both delicious.
Earlier in the day you can breakfast here on eggs Benedict or eggs Florentine or English scones or granola with fromage blanc and fruits.



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