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Open: Evenings Wed - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 231a Victoria St
Darlinghurst, New South Wales, 2010
Country: Australia

Bar Brosé is a bold new bar and restaurant serving delicious food and a cutting-edge drinks program iin relaxing surroundings. It is a great package!
The team they have assembled here is definitely A-league. We have long been fans of the cooking of head chef and co-owner Analiese Gregory. In fact we once flew from Provence to Morocco for one night to eat at a pop-up she had established in the fabulous city of Fes.
The other owners are the team behind ACME (another of our favourite restaurants) and Ed Loveday is currently on the floor and you can see his influence in the drinks program especially the exciting range of cocktails (we tried the martini made from Distillery Botanica Gin from Erina just outside Sydney, Dry Vermouth and fig leaf).
On one occasion (there have been many visits since it opened) we ordered a bottle of a beautifully made Savagnin from the Jura from a small producer (Didier Grappe) which went beautifully with the already-famous gougeres with their crisp exterior and creamy interior.
The food here is both comforting and packed with flavour whether it is the legendary gougeres, the wonderful raw fish dish or the equally legendary chicken cooked in the style of the Jura. This place is definitely worth a visit!
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