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Hero Heart
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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sat, dinner Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 42 33 38 01
Address: 289 rue Saint Denis
Paris, 75002
Country: France

Hero in Paris is a new and exciting restaurant serving Korean influenced food and a fascinating range of cocktails and sparkling natural wines that fit like a glove with the spicy food.
The space itself is quite charming. As you ascend the stairs you will notice the light fittings and the general fit-out which exudes calmness and practicality. The practicality is, in fact, taken a clever step further with the centrepiece of the dining room being an old wash stand where you can wash your hands if you need a refresh in between dishes which are easiest to eat with your hands. Fresh towels were constantly being replenished under the sink as we ate.
We started with the trio of snacks which consisted of small pieces of potato marinated in soy sauce and sesame. The softness of the potato and the bold flavour was very comforting. The second dish was roasted peanuts and fried tiny anchovies that have a very similar texture to Malaysian ikan bilis, but these fish were much finer. The third dish was pickled cucumbers which had been pickled with great skill. We also ordered a couple of different types of kimchi to jolt our taste buds into gear. They were also very good.
We snacked on these dishes while waiting for the centrepiece of the menu, namely the Korean fried chicken. Each type is a serve of four pieces and we ordered a serve of each of the three dishes on the menu. There was fried chicken with "sauce épicé gochu jang", there was "sauce douce à l'ail" and there was "nature" which didn't involve any spice or garlic.
The thing that immediately struck us on biting into the spicy version (the gochu jang) is that the level of spice/chilli has clearly been reduced to cater for the aversion many French people have to chilli. However when we tasted the chicken we then realised that the quality of the chickens being used was excellent. They were moist, the pieces were on the bone, the flavour was deep and the cooking was skilful.
We also ordered a dish of "Salade de méduse, pomme vert et concombre" to graze on with the chicken. We love jellyfish and the slightly chewy, translucent shreds were exceptional and were partnered beautifully with batons of apple and pieces of cucumber. Very refreshing!
We accompanied the chicken with a bottle of Patrick Bouju Festejar. This Gamay-based Pet Nat from the Auvergne is a delightful drink and went very well with all the dishes.
We were very happy with our meal. The food and drinks were excellent and the service caring and efficient. Definitely a place to add to the list for your next Paris sojourn.

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