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Open: Lunch Tue - Fri, dinner Tue - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 42 96 65 04
Address: 32, rue Saint-Marc
Paris, 75002
Country: France
Food Style: Traditional Lyon cuisine

Aux Lyonnais in Paris is situated in an almost-untouched 1890s bistro site! And it is wonderful. We cannot believe that you can eat a three course meal influenced by Ducasse of such quality at such a reasonable price.
When you walk into this old, old bistro behind the Bourse you immediately notice the décor. The wall tiles are still original - some perfect, some chipped. The tables are bistro tables. Only the zinc bar and espresso machine at the back suggests a recent installation.
The bag of bread slung on the hook on the side of the table reflects the typical Ducasse generosity. You cannot possibly eat it all, but you feel warm about the gesture.
The fresh cheese placed on the table unannounced is another gesture.
We wanted to try the traditional Lyonnaise charcuterie which consisted of pate, thinly sliced traditional sausages and terrines. We were not disappointed.
We would not normally order fish quenelles, however the Ducasse version made from river pike topped with langoustines and served in the most deliciously-rich broth we have tried in years was a stunner!
While we sampled the boudin noir we commented on the fact that every Ducasse restaurant we had eaten in had only ever had a French language menu. And why not! His staff are always proficient in English and can offer good advice.
We couldn't leave without trying course number three which turned out to be riz au lait with stewed fruits. This turned out to be a comforting end to a very, very good and reasonably priced meal in the heart of one of the world's greatest food cities



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