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Food store
Open: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 01 46 22 20 20
Address: 73 blvd. de Courcelles
Paris, 75008
Country: France
Food Style: French delicatessen

It's name is Boulangépicier, but the locals just call it BE. We first arrived at BE after a very long walk through the 2nd and 8th arrondissements on quite a warm spring day. We were very thirsty. A freshly squeezed orange juice sitting at the small bar while we surveyed the select choice of very fine produce was very restorative.
We had completed the trek here because this beautiful food store is owned by two of France's most acclaimed food giants - namely Alain Ducasse and Eric Kayser. One of the greatest chefs and one of the greatest bakers together in the one venture!
A loaf of the Pain Be later turned out to be far superior to those we had tried from other named boulangers such as Paujauran.
There were take away soups, pots of very fine rilletes and other preserved meats (that we had tried on an earlier visit that day to Aux Lyonnais).
We noticed mineral water in the fridge. We expected the venerable Chateldon or perhaps Badoit but instead we were interested to see them stocking Orezza, a mineral water sourced from springs near Rappagio in Corsica. On later tasting it we could see why. A flinty aftertaste, low level of the naturally occurring gas and a fine overall flavour makes this a mineral water to watch.
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