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Le Vin au Vert
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Open: Closed Sunday

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 6 12 71 03 30
Address: 3 rue des Clercs
Grenoble, 38000
Country: France

Le Vin au Vert is a wine shop and bar in Grenoble. When you walk in there are racks of wine against the right wall and a bar against the left wall with the offerings by the glass and the food available chalked on blackboards.
The lineup of natural wines is very impressive with offerings from Guy Blanchard, Alice and Olivier de Moor, Francis Boulard, Didier Barral, Le Temps de Cerises (Axel Prufer), La Sorga (Anthony Tortul), Sebastien Bobinet, Olivier Lemasson, Agnès & René Mosse, L’Oratoire Saint-Martin and Domaine Gramenon to name just a few on their list.
They also have some wines from some of the lesser known areas of the Savoie available.
Be aware that not all of the wines are on display, so if you are after something in particular just ask the helpful host.

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