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The Standard Heart
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Open: Daily from 11am
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Hudsons Laneway off Liverpool St
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Country: Australia

The Standard is a laneway venue serving very good hamburgers and fries in central Hobart run by the Pilgrim crew (Will Priestley, Christian Ryan, Sam Chang and Heiki Stanley) from next door.
You will need to walk down the laneway past the attractive graffiti and peruse the simple menu on the walls in the former back entrance to the building. Milk crates topped with polished wooden beams are scattered for the benefit of patrons who can either take their purchases away or sit on this improvised seating to enjoy their meal.
Once you decide between the Standard, the Double Standard or the Chicken Burger (all at amazingly low prices) you order from the staff member in attendance and then wait for them to deliver it to you in a plain brown paper bag. You might also decide on a side order of fries.
We have eaten here a number of times since the recent opening and have been delighted with the food and the friendly service as well as the ambience created by the laneway setting.
These are not just any old burger. The buns are almost a perfect expression of a burger bun. A proper burger bun needs to have the right texture to soak up any juices without falling apart. It must also be pliable enough for you to grip the bun and squash it so that it actually fits in your mouth. The team here has obviously done a lot of work on getting the bun right. It is the perfect size, the texture is excellent and it stands up to the job given it very well. We understand that they have worked with local baker David Flukes on developing the recipe.
The meat is accorded due respect and is broken down on site and then ground by the team. We find the meat has sufficient fat (an essential element for a good burger) and excellent seasoning. There is also some tomato and lettuce added as well as a mayo which is probably a little runny.
The chicken burger with its crisp coating and moist meat is almost flawless. A perfect expression of this style of burger.
The fries are already very good but we haven't analysed them enough yet to comment further. We will just need to return for more!

The graffiti in the laneway

The sign at the end of the laneway

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