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Bruny Island Food
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Lunawanna
Bruny Island, Tasmania
Country: Australia

Bruny Island Food is the name given to producer Ross O'Meara's operation on Bruny Island in Tasmania where he rears his own pigs (free range, rare breed including Berkshires, Wessex Saddlebacks and Tamworths), chooks and a variety of other animals and then turns them into top rating produce such as smoky bacon, pork sausages, fresh eggs and much more.
And we should add here is that there is no trickery or marketing hype surrounding his description of free range. We have been to the farm and walked through the paddocks and bush runs looking for his sows and you can be assured that they live happy lives in a very comfortable bush setting. No tiny, uncomfortable pens here!
He also produces an excellent traditional pork pie with flavoursome jelly and melt-in-the-mouth pastry. Another very good product that we have watched evolve over the past few years is the rillettes. It is a flavoursome and moorish jar of goodness.
You can buy directly from Ross at Hobart's Farm Gate Market on Sundays or, if you travel to Bruny Island, you will find his Toulouse sausages and pork rillettes on the menu and for retail sale at Bruny Island Premium Wines.
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