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La Pointe du Groin
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Location: 48.879446,2.35249
Open: Daily 8am to 2 am
Price: Very low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: No phone
Address: 8, rue de Belzunce
Paris, 75010
Country: France

La Pointe du Groin is Thierry Breton's latest food adventure. Here sandwiches are the star and this is appropriate because the lovely bar is sandwiched between his two restaurants in the same street, Chez Michel and Chez Casimir. (They are all within a block of Gare du Nord station and Poissoniere metro station.)
The name is derived from a spectacular headland in Thierry's birthplace, the La Pointe du Grouin just beyond the lovely Cancale. It is also an inevitable play on words!
When we visited on the 24th April straight from the airport there were still workmen swarming all over the establishment, but the staff were very welcoming and let us be seated and served us a good coffee and one of their trademark sandwiches made from freshly sliced jamon direct from a hand-cranked slicer, rocket leaves and very good butter.
Glasses of wine here are served only from magnums and on the bar there was a scattering of natural wines including a 1999 La Chamade Ploussard from Jura producer Philippe Bornard. The prices are very reasonable and the food and wine selections excellent and there is no pretension. This is a place we are going to enjoy!
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