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La Buvette
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Open: Lunch Fri, dinner Wed - Sun

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 67 rue Saint Maur
Paris, 75011
Country: France

La Buvette is the cave and bar in the 11th set up by Camille Fourmont, formerly front-and-centre at Le Dauphin. She has created a delightful, quirky space of calm amid the clamour of the area and has selected a range of wines to suit all tastes ranging from Muscadet to Bordeaux to the southern Rhone to Champagne. You can buy a bottle to take away or you can sit and drink it there while enjoying some of the snacks on the menu including maybe a crunchy and spicy carrot salad or a slice of beautifully moist lamb and fig terrine sourced from the famous Repaire de Cartouche.
Camille is always very welcoming and willing to offer advice about the wines on offer.
We visit here every time we arrive in Paris which is normally two or three times a year and we always enjoy our visits to Camille's lovely bar.
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