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Pilgrim Coffee HeartHeartHeart
Coffee shop
Location: -42.880367,147.328591
Open: Daily

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6234 1999
Address: 48 Argyle St
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Country: Australia

Pilgrim Coffee has slowly and steadily emerged as one of Hobart's leading places to head to for serious coffee. The proprietor, Will Priestley, is very knowledgeable about all things to do with growing, processing and preparing coffee and each staff member has learned to match his standards.
We have been interested to follow the continued evolution here as the café has changed into a daytime dining venue and then the emergence out the back of the very popular hamburger bolthole called The Standard.
The past twelve months has seen this venue really turning out excellent coffee very consistently. This has been enhanced recently with the acquisition of a new coffee grinder which is kinder to the beans allowing for more nuanced pours to be produced.
We have also been pleased to see them experimenting with naturally processed beans as we believe that they are capable of providing interesting flavours that are not possible with normal washed processing.

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