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Pigeon Whole Bakers HeartHeartHeart
Food store
Open: Daily until early afternoon

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 32 Argyle St
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Country: Australia

Pigeon Whole Bakers is run by Emma Choraziak and Jay Patey who used to own the Pigeon Hole café in West Hobart. They are now in the revitalised Mercury building in central Hobart where they have a retail presence. They produce great loaves of sourdough, wonderful fruit loaves, spelt bread, crusty baguettes or something sweet such as a bag of biscuits or a jam-filled doughnut.
Their new retail shop in front of the bakery where you can buy stunnin pastries or an Eccles cake or one of the beatifully-made loaves of bread to take away.
We like the fact that apart from tasting delicious, their products are made using the best quality organic materials possible.
The bread can be bought during the week from Pigeon Hole, the Hill Street Grocer, the Wursthaus Kitchen, the Salad Bowl and Truckle & Co. On Saturday morning you can also buy their bread from the Harvest Feast stall outside the Salamanca Fruit Market.

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