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Nutpatch Confectionery
Food store
Tasmania country
Location: -43.125014,147.246145
Open: Daily

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: 0428 870 891
Address: 2956 Channel Highway
Kettering, Tasmania, 7155
Country: Australia

Nutpatch Confectionery is a pleasant shop selling nicely crafted chocolates and other confectionery items many of which feature hazelnuts from their nearby hazelnut orchard situated on the slopes overlooking Kettering. The orchard has over 1000 trees including over thirty different varieties of hazelnut tree.
Fresh hazelnuts are available in autumn. One of their most popular (and delicious) products is the Hazelnut Nougat with at least 60% hazelnuts and no preservatives or other food additives.
We think that you can have the perfect day of foodie heaven by trying our Chocolate Trail which involves driving to Huonville for a late breakfast at The Cat's Tongue as well as sampling some of their ethereal chocolates. It is then on to Cygnet for lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge or the Lotus Eaters café and then buying some chocolates for dessert at Cygneture Chocolates. Then drive over the hill to Woodbridge for a beer or glass of wine at the Peppermint Bay bar before heading up to Kettering to the Nutpatch Confectionery to buy some of their equally delicious chocolates.
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