Tassaf Saffron a Producer in Glaziers Bay, Tasmania

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Tas-Saff Saffron
Tasmania country
Open: By appointment

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 03 62951921
Address: 155 Dillons Hill Road
Glaziers Bay, Tasmania, 7109
Country: Australia

Terry and Nicky Noonan of Tas-Saff Saffron are responsible for overseeing the production of some of the world's finest saffron. Their Tasmanian operation is a wonderful example of a small enterprise returning high-value products.
They still grow some themselves, with a crop of about ¼ acre on their picturesque farm overlooking the Huon river, but they also have about another 50 growers throughout Tasmania, and more interstate and in New Zealand.
All Tas-Saff saffron is tested by the University of Tasmania and, to be acceptable for sale, it must be graded as Extra Category One. This is the highest of four grades, according to an ISO standard which measures colour, flavour, purity and extraneous matter. Colour and flavour are measured with a numeric rating. To reach Extra Category One, the colour rating must be at least 190 and flavour must be 70. Tas-Saff's ratings have been as high as 260 for colour and over 100 for flavour, making it some of the world's best quality saffron.
It is a great product for cooking. All you need to do is pour some hot water into one of the small vials and leave it to infuse for about 12 hours before adding it to your dish.

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