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Meander Valley Dairy
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6394 8092
Address: 139 Hillwood Rd
Hillwood, Tasmania, 7252
Country: Australia

Meander Valley Dairy is owned by the Dornauf family whose farm's verdant pastures lie in the Meander Valley behind Devonport where the soil is a deep red from the volcanic rocks that cover this part of the state. They produce a range of excellent dairy products that are unadulterated and of the highest possible quality.
We love their clotted cream, their double cream, their crème fraiche and their new butter product called Saint Omer.
The clotted cream is a product that we often use to accompany traditional British scones for morning or afternoon tea. Split the scones open slather on some blackberry, raspberry or strawberry jam and then add some of the clotted cream. This product is made quite simply at home. You place pure cream (not cream that has been tainted with preservatives and thickeners) in a saucepan and slowly heat it for about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the viscosity of the cream. (You can also make it directly from milk with a high fat content.) A yellow 'skin' or 'crust' will form on top from the oil in the cream and the nature of the cream underneath changes - it clots! The result is a delightfully rich, quite sweet and flavoursome product due to the high percentage of saturated fats. The first reference we can find to this product is in the book "The Compleat Cook" which was published in England in 1658. It contains a recipe for Clouted Cream which begins:
"Take foure quarts of Milk, one of Cream, six spoonfuls of Rose-water, put these together in a great Earthen Milke-Pan, & set it upon a fire of Charcoale well kindled, you must be sure the fire be not too hot; then let it stand for a day and a night."
It is interesting to see the use of rose water in this recipe as it is very likely that the tradition of making clotted cream was introduced by Phoenician traders who would have carried Kaymak a common product throughout the Middle East.
Clotted cream can be used as a substitute for cream in cake making and for making ice cream where the result is rich and delicious. But it can also be used in savoury dishes to liven up a dish of mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs, for example.
Meander Valley Dairy also produces double cream and very good crème fraiche, and we are excited about their new butter product called Saint Omer. This is an unsalted butter that has been cultured and is very good for slathering on toast and for all types of cooking due to its low moisture content.
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