Dick Shaw's Spreyton avocados from Tasmania

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Spreyton, Tasmania
Country: Australia

Dick Shaw from Spreyton has comprehensively proved that an avocado will grow perfectly in Tasmanian and that the slow ripening will produce a flavour and a delicate creaminess that outstrips those grown in warmer climates.
He grows them at Spreyton on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, an area long known for orchards growing apples, apricots and cherries. There are over 100 trees now producing these fine 'tropical' fruits.
He cultivates a number of varieties including the Hass, first grown in California by Richard Hass in the nineteen-thirties and the Reed introduced to the same state by James Reed about a decade later. He also grows the Sharwil avocado from Queensland which also seems to thrive.
Over the years the season for ripening has been extended with different varieties ripening at different times. We can now buy them for many months of the year. We then mash them with a little chilli, some olive oil, lemon and a touch of salt and pepper and spread it on toasted sourdough bread for a perfect snack.
More recently these have become a cult item for foodies due to the flavour developed by the slow ripening, the careful handling and the fact that they are not sprayed. They can be purchased at Alps & Amici in Launceston and the New Town Greenstore in Hobart.
Dick Shaw has extended his orchard by planting another fruit most commonly found in tropical climates. He now also has 50 tamarillo trees.

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