Terroir Wine Bar in New York: Review

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Terroir HeartHeartHeart
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New York
Location: 40.729824,-73.982878
Open: Mon - Fri 5pm till late, Sat - Sun noon till late
Price: Low
Score (/20): 14.5

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 646 602 1300
Address: 413 E. 12th St.
New York, New York, 10009
Country: United States

Terroir in New York has become one of our favourite places to learn about wine and to sample simple, but satisfying food. The wine program here is exceptional with due attention being paid to some of the unsung heroes of the wine world such as Sherry, Madeira and Riesling. The staff are scarily knowledgeable and very attentive. The shared table invites conviviality.
One of the highlights during many visits on a recent trip to New York was a wine from Sicily that we had not come across previously. It was a Rosso del Soprano from the Palari estate and the vintage was 2003. This was a complex yet quietly elegant wine that reminded us of that difficult-to-define quality of a Chambolle-Musigny before muscular Pinot Noir became all the rage. We drank this wine with a plate of assorted charcuterie including a luscious country pork terrine, some serrano ham, two slices of very good mortadella and some coppa di testa.
We were seduced - that’s the only word for it - by the world’s most opinionated wine list (that bit happened before we got there), by the dissertation on Jerez and sherry generally, by the incredibly sensible policy of offering you a small taste of any wine you choose from their selection by the glass, and then letting you decide if you want it, by the wine knowledge of everyone by the counter, by the palpable euphoria in the room (it was just after the election) and by some wonderful food.
Some highlights (admittedly some bits are a blur):
late night glasses of madeira (these fall into the blurry category)
a bottle of Palari Rosso del Soprano (when the Faro wasn’t available)
a glass of El Maestro Sierra fino from Jerez
a monumental pork chop
beautiful rieslings
Marco Canora’s meatballs (which we later saw him enticing Matt Tebutt with on television - very nostalgic)
finocchietti (from the charcuterie list)
the must have T-shirts.
And a small tragedy - why did we forget to order the whipped lardo on bruschetta? But here is a picture of the pork chop:
If you’re interested in wine and wine lists, do yourself a favour and visit their website and download their current wine list. It’s a joy (unless you don’t like people with opinions and you were disappointed with the US election result - if that’s the case it might be best to stay away).
Terroir is Paul Greico’s and Marco Canora's self-described 'thinktank', 'batcave', and 'fallout shelter' (if we lived in New York it would be our thinktank too). They've got plenty to think about. They also own Hearth, an excellent restaurant a couple of doors along from Terroir, which we loved, and Insieme, a one star Michelin restaurant, which we didn't try. Here's to their take-over of New York. There are links to the other restaurants and their wine lists from the one website - we're still trying to deconstruct the essay on Romorantin from Insieme's list - if kids still did comprehension tests in school this would be the perfect challenge.
If you're going to New York, make sure you drop into Terroir. It’s at 413 E. 12th St. There’s no phone so you just have to go there.
If you want to order chef Marco Canora's brand new cook book called "Salt to Taste" click on the link below.

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